Johnny Depp Suits Up as Captain Jack Sparrow for Virtual Children’s Hospital Visit

Johnny Depp Suits Up as Captain Jack Sparrow for Virtual Children’s Hospital Visit

Coming back in his classic pirate costume as Captain Jack Sparrow, Johnny Depp Surprised patients at Queensland Children’s Hospital in Australia with a digital visit online. In collaboration with Juiced TV, Depp appeared from a pirate-themed room via webcam as completely iconic Pirates of the Caribbean Nayak and the entire meeting were broadcast on Facebook Live. In addition to looking like the character Jack, complete with the character’s unique facial hair, Depp also speaks in the pirate’s signature accent, making people speaking with him very happy.

During the video call, Depp spoke with patients Gabby, Asha and Thomas. He plays the game and has some fun in the character, such as being completely clueless about how the webcam works. He also answers various questions in which Captain Jack Sparrow is asked which animal he can be if he has a choice. “A ferret,” Depp says in his Captain Jack’s voice. “I have been told that a ferret can hit the wall at maximum speed and bounce off nothing with a smile.”

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Speaking as well as himself, Depp praised the time on the video call with “three beautiful young patients”, calling it “one of the best and most beautiful experiences I’ve ever experienced … more That’s because of all your commitment to this project and just caring for each other, to help when times are anxious and confusing. “Depp also says:” Let me be with you this time with Johnny or Captain Jack I thank all of you for allowing me the form. “

Depp praised the medical staff and the Juice TV team in the video for bringing them all together, saying, “I should thank everyone that made this virtual journey possible.” “But to be able to see Asha, Thomas and Gabby … and I’ve been there and I’ve seen the amount of forward movement and quick movement that goes down in facilities like yours. You guys work – Everybody works like nurses, health workers, doctors – you are absolute heroes. “

Depp’s virtual appearance as Captain Jack occurred just a few days before word broke out and starring in another installment of Marigo Robbie’s Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. This project is said to be different from another scheme Pirates The sequel is described as a soft reboot. With both films, there is no indication at this point that Captain Jack will be a part of either project. As a result, many fans of Depp on social media are calling for the character to return to the franchise in one way or another, claiming that his alleged shootout from the franchise was unjust.

As it is unclear whether Depp will ever play Captain Jack in another Pirates of the Caribbean film, it is fantastic to still use the iconic character to bring joy to these children at a time when it really is I need them, even from my home all over the world. You can see a video of Depp appearing as Captain Jack Sparrow on Juiced TV on Facebook.

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