John Boyega Is the New James Bond in 007 Fan Art

Following black Panther Star Letitia Wright suggests Star wars Star John Boyega should be next James Bond; Some impressive new fan art has come to the fore to give us a sense of what this might look like. Created by digital artist Apexforme, the image places Boyega in the iconic tuxedo as he does not look away from a huge explosion threatening an attacker unseen with a gun. Classic Bond.

“@johnboyega as James Bond. @letitiawright feels that John will make a great James Bond, Boyega himself is up for it and I’m definitely on board. I think he’s the great great Connery’s charisma, Brosnan Will be able to bring ingenuity and physicality to Craig. All in one James Bond. What do you think? “

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John will sow Definitely a dapper figure as 007. Wright’s casting suggestion came during a recent interview in which Boyega was also present. “I’ll sow because I know he’ll like it, you know? Daniel is, he’s, ‘work and stay back … you know he likes to be low key,” she said. “So, that’s too much. He can still play Bond. But, I know that John Boyge will be just, yes.”

Johan Boyega reacted enthusiastically to the idea with the actor playing the role of the iconic actress. The actor also had an idea who could direct, announcing that he would like to bring something different to the long-running franchise, “Hey, listen.” [With] Steve McQueen directs, Let’s do it. We could show them something different. We still bring that sophistication. You know, James Bond needs to be James Bond. But we could do something with it. Boyega recently worked for Miniseries under the direction of Steve McQueen Small ax, And the idea of ​​the two of them being a reunion for the Bond outing is certainly a tempting one.

However, despite heavy speculation and rumors that an actor has been chosen to donate to Tux and take on Bond Mantle, producer Barbara Broccoli has made it very clear that the role is still that of Daniel Craig. “I always say: You can make love with only one person at a time,” Broccoli said, pouring a large bucket of water over recent rumors. “Once the film comes out, some time will pass, and then we have to get into future business. But for now, we can’t think of anything beyond just Daniel.”

Although fans will continue to watch for the future of the espionage franchise, viewers are still waiting for the final arrival of Cragg No time to die. Five years after the capture of Ernst Stavro Blofeld, James Bond has now left active service and is living with Madeleine Swann in Jamaica. He contacts Felix Letter, his friend and a CIA officer who helps him in the search for the missing scientist, Waldo Obrushev. When it is clear that Obruchev was kidnapped, Bond must face a threat the likes of which the world has never seen before.

No time to die The screenplay by Neeri Purvis, Robert Wade, Fukunaga and Phoebe Waller-Bridge is directed by Carrie Joji Fukunaga. Lesa Sidoux, Ben Whiswa, Naomi Harris, Jeffrey Wright, Christoph Waltz and Ralph Fiennes reprise their roles from previous films, with Lashana Lynch, Ana de Aramas and Rami Malek as the lead actors. The film has been delayed several times due to ongoing global conditions and is now scheduled to release on 2 April 2021. It comes to us from Apexform.

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