Joe Pantoliano Fans Are Celebrating The Matrix and Bad Boys Actor on His 70th Birthday

one and only one Joe Pantoliano Just turned 70 years old. In honor of the veteran actor’s birthday, Pantoliano has been receiving tons of wishes online along with praise from fans for some of his many, many performances. There’s never really a bad day to enjoy a movie with Pantoliano as part of the cast, but in honor of his 70th birthday, it’s a good time to re-watch one or more of those classics. It’s a good time

Naming some favorite roles, a fan tweeted, “Happy 70th birthday to American actor Joe Pantoliano! Roles include Cypher math question, teddy in Mementoin Captain Conrad Howard bad boys Franchise, and Ralph Cifaretto Seasons 3-4. during the Sopranos. They . also starred in two episodes of tales from crypto

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The Sopranos Club said on Twitter: “Happy 70th Birthday to Ralph Actor Joe Pantoliano, Big Screen Veteran Joe who has appeared in films like Memento And math question. However, for me, he will always be the sick, twisted, awkward sex lover, Ralph Cifaretto. the Sopranos

a fan account for crooks Adds on Instagram: “Happy 70th Birthday to Joe Pantoliano!! Joey Pants is that guy! Of course we all know him as Francis Fratelli, but he has appeared and starred in several movies over the years. risky businesshandjob Eddie and the cruiserhandjob la bambahandjob Empire of the Sunhandjob runawayhandjob US Marshalhandjob Congohandjob math questionhandjob Mementohandjob bravehandjob racing stripeshandjob Percy Jackson, and of course all 3 bad boys movies, just to name a few. Wishing you a very happy 70th birthday.”

Considering how many memorable roles Pantoliano has had over the years, there are several places where fans can best recognize him. He won an Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actor for his role as Ralph Cifaretto the Sopranos, and it stands tall as one of his most acclaimed roles. Just last year, he reprized his role as Captain Howard in the sequel bad boys for Life, his another fan favorite character. He can next be seen in Joel David Moore’s upcoming thriller hide and seek.

One of Pantoliano’s most famous roles is that of Cypher. math question, a character in the first film appeared as an antagonist, although Pantoliano says he made the right decision. Last year, when it was discovered that Matrix Resurrection While in development, Pantoliano was hoping to reprise the role for an upcoming sequel. Even though the first two sequels are no longer considered canon, at least as far as Matrix 4 Concerned, it may be difficult to get Cypher back given the character’s death. That didn’t stop Pantoliano from trying to do the same.

“Yeah, I’d be interested [in reprising the role of Cypher],” the actor told CinemaBlend. “I doubt they are going to bring me back. I’ve lobbied for it, trust me. I sent Lana small notes [Wachowski] and asked him, no answer.”

after appearing in the first runaway And US Marshal, Pantoliano also said that he would like to reprise his role in a sequel. Listen, if any role comes, I would like to come back in it. I am looking down the barrel of 70 years and I have just completed 50 years in show business. So whenever someone can get me off the couch and in front of the camera, I’m ready… [Marvel Studios producer] Louis D’Esposito. He runs the show and we worked together when he was Eddie and the second Eddie on Cruiser. Tell Louis I’m waiting for the phone to ring.”

In any case, it’s a good day to see math question Or any other Pantoliano film. Although Pantoliano is celebrating the day, let’s hope it is special for the accomplished actor. Happy 70th Birthday to Joe Pantoliano! You can check out some more tribute posts for him from Twitter and Instagram below.

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