Joe Jonas Praises Sophie Turner’s “Two Moods” in Birthday Tribute

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas Celebrate Their First Christmas as Parents

Joe Jonas Wife loves every aspect Sophie turnerthe personality.

On February 21, in honor of her 25th birthday, the singer shared two different photos on Instagram game of Thrones Alum. She gave a comical caption, referring to the fact that she looks incredibly glam in the first shot, and significantly less important in the second which shows her playing with strings on her hoodie.

“Happy birthday babe,” Joe, 31, wrote. “You have two moods and I love them both equally [purple heart emoji] Love You @ Sophie. “

Sophie clearly appreciated the sentiment, as she replied, “I love you.”

The actress shared several other messages from friends and loved ones throughout the day, including posts by Joey’s brothers Kevin And Nick Jonas.

She also posted a picture in which helium was surrounded by a large number of balloons, including a Mylar “25”. She wrote, “Thank you 25-ing for the birthday greetings and the moon and for coming back.”

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