Joe Exotic’s Legal Team Hopes Trump Will Grant a Presidential Pardon Next Week

Joe Exotic’s legal team is hoping to get the presidency next week. The team is confident that Donald Trump will forgive Tiger king Star, saving him from spending the rest of his life behind bars. The legal team will fly to Washington on 6 January, where they are expected to have a “high-level” meeting to fulfill their goal of bringing Exotic back to the real world.

Eric Love who is heading Exotic’s legal team and knows that January 6 is a big day for Donald Trump. This is the date the House voted to confirm Joe Biden as the next President of the United States. In addition, it is also the date that Trump will hold a big rally, with many estimates diverting attention from the 2020 election results. It is also believed that the president will be dealing with another long list of official apologies, which will include Netflix’s star in Love’s hopes Tiger king.

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The foreigner Getting restless in jail. In November, he wrote a personal letter to Kim Kardashian, hoping that he would talk to Donald Trump and get him his pardon. It is unclear whether Kardashian responded to Exotic’s letter, but he certainly knows who the Netflix star is. Foreigners are also currently concerned with capturing COVID-19 in prison. As of this writing, FMC Fort Worth, where Exotic is being held, lists 12 deaths involving COVID, with 58 prisoners and 27 staff currently positive. The alien has said that if he falls under it, he will refuse a ventilator.

Joe Exotic’s legal team is trying to do anything to get his client out of jail, but forgiveness is always something they fall on. In choosing the date of January 6, it is his hope Donald Trump Later in the month, Joe Biden, who entered the White House, will hand over the pardon to deflect attention. Eric Love says, “President Trump knows that Team Tiger will be on the field in Washington, DC to support him on this historic day.”

Joe Exotic, aka Joseph Maldonado-Passage, is only one year into his 22-year sentence for conspiracy to commit murder against Carol Beskin Tiger king Rival. The foreigner believes that he was implicated and has maintained his innocence. Whether or not Donald Trump will forgive Exotic is unknown at the moment. Eric Love and the crew certainly seem a lot more confident around this time, but Trump is ticking the clock to be able to do anything. Joe Biden will officially inaugurate on January 20, 2021. TMZ was the first to report on JO Foreign’s legal team flying to Washington DC next week to seek forgiveness from Donald Trump.

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