Jimmy Kimmel Reveals the “Weirdest” Part of Hosting the 2020 Emmys

Jimmy Kimmel Reveals the "Weirdest" Part of Hosting the 2020 Emmys

Jimmy kimmel Revealing what it was really like to host the 2020 Emmys.

On September 21, the 52-year-old late night host returns Jimmy Kimmel Live! For the first time since March, the studio and talked about emitting the award show in the midst of the global coronavirus epidemic.

“We had a lot of fun in the face of difficult situations,” Kimmel said during her opening meeting. “The weirdest part of hosting the show was when it was over, you know, there are usually parties and everyone is moving their emis around, everyone is happy, celebrating all . This year, the show ended and it was like, ‘Well. I think I’ll get in my car and drive home.’ It was nothing. “

For those who missed the ceremony, the event was held in the same year. So when Kimmel hosted the Emmy Awards from the Los Angeles Staples Center, the rest of the stars ran through separate live feeds from some celebrity presenters.

“Doing an award show where all the winners are at home is a strange experience,” he said. “This is probably the first time in history that someone won an Emmy and then 10 minutes later put a load of laundry in the dryer.”

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