Jessica Rothe Explains How a Freaky and Happy Death Day Crossover Could Work

Director Christopher Landon’s most recent role in the horror / comedy, FreakyBears many similarities with his previous efforts, Happy death day, With the latter star now believing that the best way for both franchises is to collide. Jessica Roth, who plays the main character “Tree” in both films Happy death day The series thinks it is entirely possible, given the mixed-up magic and sci-fi mythology of the two franchises, to see a strange and Happy Death Day crossover come together on the big screen.

“I think this is the whole way to go, because you said, [Kathryn Newton’s Butcher in Freaky] That role symbolizes so much strength, power and twisted crook-ness. I was very lucky to see it over the weekend, and had such fun, wild performances from both Catherine and Vince [Vaughn]. So I agree with you that it should be a full-on performance of Tree vs. Milli. And maybe Vince can do a cameo as a scream queen because he made us scream and scream that a run for our money. They did a really good job. “

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The use of twisty-turn plots and sci-fi tropes, along with similarities in tone and subversion of expectations in both Happy death day And Freaky Certainly Landon should allow the two worlds to come together so he should choose. It is the director’s ability to reverse the expectation that Rohit likes, with the actress fully on board should Landon ever decide to throw a tree Freaky’s Blissfield Butcher together.

“But that’s what I love about Chris’ work; he taps things like this. Who would have ever thought Vince Vaughn would be the next great scream queen? He found a lot of truth, honesty and vulnerability. These are the colors Which I like. ” ‘I’ve never seen Vince Vaughn before, and that’s one of the things I love about the Genre-Bandy movies. There is too much permission for actors to step outside the box that people are accustomed to seeing. “

Released in 2017, debut Happy death day The college student, Theresa “Tree” Gelbman, is murdered as Jessica weeps, who is killed on the night of her birthday and begins to release the day again and again, at which point she assassins the killer Leaves to find and prevent his death. Things become more in the sequel, Happy death 2 you, Who again follows Tree, who is mistakenly moved to another dimension at this time, where he must repeatedly abandon a different version of the same day as he tries to return home while a new killer Is loose.

Last year Freaky Meanwhile there is a twist on the body swapping style, and centers on Kathy Newton as Millie Kessler, a high school student who is inadvertently played by a middle-aged male serial killer, Vince Beton Switch the body.

Should the two franchises remain separate, Weeping jessica It is also said that he is ready to sign Happy death 3, How long does it take. The actress said last year, “I think it’s a question to see if there exists an opportunity for this in the world.” “But the funny thing is that I’m guessing it’s now or in five years or ten or twenty, if we pull Jamie Lee Curtis from Halloween and Tree comes back as a 50-year-old crook, I know we will meet to tell the rest of the story. I like Tree a lot, I like that character and I like it very much, I am very grateful for that. “

Would you like to see Happy death day And Freaky Crossover on screen? Read the full interview on The Hollywood Reporter.

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