Jessica Henwick Used The Matrix 4 Set to Pitch Keanu Reeves a John Wick Spinoff

Jessica Henwick has made a name for herself in the action genre after well received parts iron Fist And Love and monsters. The actress will next be part of another iconic action franchise when she appears in it Matrix 4. Henwick revealed that he used his time on set with Keanu Reeves to make a pitch for one John wick Spin-off title Jess Vick That they plan to introduce Chad Stelsky.

“I pitch Jess Vick every time for Keanu. I’m probably driving her crazy. Though the other day, we had a blast because I just started acting it out. I was like,” Okay, Keanu, Listen to me. Boom. John Wick 4, last 5 minutes, credit roll, post-credit sequence. Boom! You’re looking at my face, Jess Vick. “(Laughs) I just started acting it and then she started acting outside as well. We included the pair of Jess Vick and John Vick in this ten-minute show. Stelsky, director of all John Vick films, in two weeks Are flying, I think. So I’m going straight to them and I’m going to say that. And yes, look at this place. “

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Given the explosive popularity of John wick The franchise would not mind making as many spinoffs as possible to cash in on the series. The process is already underway, with plans for a TV show that will explore the continental, killer world

The hotel Wick frequents, and which is the center of power within that world.

While Henwick’s pitch for a woman John wick The series likely won’t end, with a similar film already in development. Ballerina character John Wick: Parabellum, Getting her own spinoff film. While the project is still in its early stage, it is the story of a ballerina killer taking revenge against the people who killed his family.

for now, Jessica henwick Have to be content with appearing with Reeves Matrix 4. And she seems happier with the opportunity. In a recent interview, the actress revealed how the upcoming Matrix The film is set to be as groundbreaking as the original film about evil machines and virtual realities.

“[Director] bring [Wachowski] In the same way he is doing some interesting things on the technical level as you know, he created a style back. I think she is going to change the industry again with this film. There are some camera rigs that I have never seen before that we are using. “

So far as Keanu ReevesJohn wick As regards Yatra, the actor is currently working on the fourth installment of the franchise with Stelsky in pre-production and will be shooting the fifth film in the series immediately, sometime in 2021. This news first appeared in The Hollywood Reporter.

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