Jerry O’Connell Taunts Stand by Me Bully Kiefer Sutherland for a Rematch 35 Years Later

Jerry O’Connell, River Phoenix, Wil Wheaton and Corey Feldman were boys entering junior high school when they made Stand with me. Kiefer Sutherland was his on-screen high school bully. O’Connell recently responded to a “fun fact” tweet that’s well known among fans: In order to maintain the character throughout the film, Sutherland (who played John “Ace” Merrill) Choose your costar from the camera. His Instagram comeback is a classic. “We can take him now. Anytime. Anywhere,” O’Connell claimed.

Jerry O’Connell Vern has come a long way since. The actors were one of a crew of kids we fell for, with all their strange growing pains, their vulnerability, and their quest to follow railroad tracks to find a child who was eventually hit by a train. for courage. We’ve seen him go through an almost always troublesome transition from child actor to adult on a few TV shows. Then he knocked everyone out with a comeback roll, which made us see JOC forever.

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In ten years, Jerry O’Connell went from buzz-headed, tubby and blubbering on train tracks, to Vern Tessio to 6 foot 2, introducing first draft pick Frank ‘The Cush’ Cushman. jerry maguire. He married Rebecca Romijn! He never looked back. His career is diverse, but as much as people love his body of work, they love his charm and wit. The evidence is in the pudding with his newly appointed seat at the table. statement.

everyone has enjoyed watching Stand with me Dalits navigate their unique careers, all going in different directions. Some of us have even forgiven Kiefer Sutherland And can miraculously see him as a good guy in recent roles. Stand with me Captured the hearts of audiences in the 1980s, but its legacy lives on even after 35 years. We’re still talking about it. It’s a testament to Stephen King’s storytelling, Rob Reiner’s vision, and the boys’ stellar acting… and Kiefer.

Brownsville, Oregon, where parts of the film were shot, is even Stand with me day every year! Local TV station KTVL announced its celebrations. Volunteer Barbara Anderson said, “It will be a small-scale event due to the constant restrictions and uncertainties, but there may still be some fun for the myriad fans of this much-loved film.”

“The main event is a self-guided walking tour of the film locations. Using a smart phone, visitors will be able to access additional information and videos about the sites on the tour. To participate, check in at the Lynn County Historical Museum Do, 101 Park Ave., and pick up a map. The museum and souvenir sale will be open from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tours can take place at any time. Maps will also be available from local merchants and the Brownsville Art Center.

According to the organisers, “Visitors may find some picture cars scattered around and possibly some wandering minions singing movie tunes.” The evening ends with the screening of the film in the evening. so if you need your Stand with me Fix, ditch your money, grab your cherry-flavored pies, scale that fence and go to Brownsville this weekend! It was all covered on

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