Jennifer Lopez Takes Her New Year’s Eve Performance to New Heights

Jennifer Lopez Takes Her New Year's Eve Performance to New Heights

“2020 is almost over. We’ve made it,” he announced with less than 20 minutes to go. “I think the beginning of this year with thousands of people is one of the biggest performances of my life, but tonight we’re doing things a little differently and that’s fine.”

“if [this year] Teach us anything, “she continued,” It teaches us to be grateful for everything we have and cherish every moment. We lost many, many. Given for a moment, so tonight we’re gonna live, we’re gonna love and we’re gonna dance again and we’ll keep dreaming. “

The star continued to entertain the audience with a slow rendition of his hit hit “Waiting for Tonight”, which led to the cover Aerosmith“Dream On”. After belting out the song’s famous higher-order, she concluded with another song, “Dance Again”. And, of course, some essential confetti.

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