Jennifer Garner to reunite with Netflix for Family Leave

Actor Jennifer Garner is once again heading to Netflix, this time a comedy inspired by the New York Times bestselling author Amy Crosse Rosenthal’s book Bedtime for Mummy.

Garner, popular for films such as 13 Going on 30 and Dallas Buyers Club, will both produce and produce Family Leave.

According to Deadline, the story follows Brenners, who wakes up to a complete family body switch and quickly realizes that this is what happened to a family on the other side of the world.

They must unite with this group of strangers and determine how to undo the switch, all while navigating daily life in a different body before it is too late.

Victoria Strawsey is adopting the screenplay.

Nicole King of Linden Entertainment, and Lawrence Gray and Ben Matt of Gray Matter Productions will produce the picture with Garner. Jason Bryan Rosenthal will serve as executive producer.

Garner is set to release another Netflix comedy, Yes Day, based on a novel by Rosenthal on March 12.

The Golden Globe winner is currently shooting for the sci-fi film The Adam Project, also set in Streamer.

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