Jeff Bezos’ Space Lauch Earns Austin Powers and Fantastic Four Comparisons

while Jeff Bezos Some might be looking to draw a comparison between his Blue Origin space launch, I’m sure he’ll be hoping it will for things like the Apollo Moon landings and other world-famous space exploration ships. He probably wasn’t expecting that one of the most prominent similarities being suggested on social media was to Dr. Evil’s Rocket. Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me, especially thanks to the presence of a certain part of the rocket.

Amazon boss Bezos completed his first successful launch, seeing his spacecraft several minutes out of Earth’s atmosphere as part of a ten-minute launch when fellow businessman Richard Branson completed his first voyage into space. The launch had always been expected to garner a lot of attention, which it did, but Bezos was probably expecting something a little more complimentary than what he was getting. Thanks to the rocket’s slightly bulbous head and some feathers at its base, Blue Origin looked every bit as phallic as the comic rocket launched from Dr. Austin Powers Movies. While there was little chance that this was the design Bezos was going for, there’s no way to deny the accuracy of the comparison when the images are put together.

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The Blue Origin launch is the latest in an ongoing space race competition that’s turning out to be a case for my rocket being bigger than yours. Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic launched just this week, while Elon Musk’s SpaceX project is littering the universe with dozens of ships. While this may be Bezos’ first mission to space, it’s unlikely it will be his last, though a slight design rethink may be on the cards.

However, it was not only the rocket that managed to garner some attention online, as the spacesuits worn by Bezos and his fellow astronauts, including his troubled Mark, and Wally Funk and Oliver Damon, are now the oldest and holds the title. Youngest Humans to Live in Space Compares to Marvel’s Own Film-Based Fantastic Four. The blue spacesuits were almost identical to those worn by the superhero group in the ’90s, with Chris Evans introducing Marvel as the human torch long before he became known as Captain America. The suit’s noted similarity prompted Bosslogic to mock the Blue Origin crew as Marvel’s first family.

Many comments quipped like this, that the new Fantastic Four The casting left something to be desired, while others seemed oddly happy if that was the case. White Fantastic Four What is now being highly anticipated by Marvel fans is that they are finally about to make their debut in MCU, I guess if this turns out to be the group’s latest incarnation, people would be begging for a less exciting reboot of the franchise than 2015. This news originated on

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