Jeff Bezos and his brother will fly on Blue Origin’s first human spaceflight with auction winner – TechCrunch

Jeff Bezos and his brother will fly on Blue Origin’s first human spaceflight with auction winner – ClearTips

Jeff Bezos is set to be one of the first manned spaceflight passengers of his spaceflight company Blue Origin on July 20. The Amazon founder announced the news Monday morning via his Instagram, revealing that his brother Mark will also be accompanying the ride. Bezos and his brother will join the winner of an online auction currently hosted by Blue Origin, which currently holds $2.8 million, as the highest bid for that seat.

Blue Origin’s launch of its suborbital, reusable New Shepard rocket on July 20 will mark the first time it will fly with people. It’s unusual for a company to make its first manned space flight a mission with a paying passenger, and now we know it’s also going to carry one of the world’s richest people, for the first manned flight Another adventurous option. Virgin Galactic, in contrast, has flown into space several times with test pilots and astronauts prior to its upcoming voyage with Sir Richard Branson.

Blue Origin’s New Shepard has flown without people many times, and save for the first flight where the reusable booster was lost, has been a complete success for each of the 15 missions, including the landing of the booster (the first except bar). and recovery of capsules (for all launches). The New Shepard rocket does not go completely into orbit, but rather flies to the edge of space, where passengers have a few minutes of weightlessness and an unbeatable view of Earth through the capsule’s multiple windows, before parachute-assisted. Experience happens. Landing in Texas near Blue Origin’s launch site.

The auction for Blue Origin’s first paying customer seat currently sits at $2.8 million, and it’s been a while since Blue Origin opened unsealed bids on May 19, when the price rose from $1.4 million. The last leg of the auction, was scheduled for June. 12 will involve live online bidding from the remaining participants who compete against their existing bids to match the higher offer.

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