Jasmin Bhasin: Realising my love for Aly was the best part about Bigg Boss 14

In a shocking twist on Sunday, Jasmin Bhasin was forced out of Bigg Boss 14’s house. The popular television actor was nominated alongside Ellie Gony, Rubina Dilac and Abhinav Shukla. Her exit leaves host Salman Khan in tears and her bestie Ellie breaks up.

After her elimination, the actor spoke exclusively to indianexpress.com about her journey from heart to heart, realizing her love for Ellie on the show and how important it was for her to be genuine in comparison to the trophy.

Here are some excerpts from the conversation.

Your removal was very emotional. Even Salman Khan could not stop his tears. What was going through your mind then?

Since all four contestants were very strong, it was an equal chance for either of us to be evicted. For feelings, it was a strong affair, tears were bound to come. While I was very upset, I was glad that Ellie survived. Now we can fully hope that he will return with the trophy. And Salman sir is a sweetheart, and he has been so supportive and loving towards us.

A section of the audience felt that it was unfair to nominate four of you …

(Cutting in) But then life is never right, NoThe Honestly, I have made peace with everything that happened. I think it was a plan of destiny. I had to stay at home these days.

You and colleague have always maintained that you are just friends. When did you realize that you were in love?

It is not like a day when we were thinking that we are in love. It always has been but we never accepted it. There was always a mutual understanding between us not to complicate things or jeopardize our friendship. However, when we were apart, emotions prevailed all logic. We decided to stop living in denial and accept our feelings. And now it’s just beautiful.

So is marriage on the card, as both of you have done on the show?

(Laughs) It will happen but it is a big decision. Once Aly is out, we will sit down and discuss things. We also have to bring our families together, and then pursue whatever is best for us.

Did you talk about Ellie with your parents? He did not accept Ellie during ‘Family Week’ as he felt upset with her.

Everything he said was purely from the perspective of the game. Every parent wants their child to be a winner. As Ellie, they are very nice about us. There is no objection on their part but of course, there is much to discuss with both families.

For the past few weeks, housemates and viewers have been questioning your behavior change. You have also earned the nickname “Jas-Mein” on social media.

Trolls and haters are everywhere, and I’m not really upset about them. I am a person who has these extreme feelings. I cry a lot, and if I get hurt and I have to fight, I will do my best. Also, I never pretended to be someone. I am really proud of myself that I took the right stand wherever needed. When I entered the show, I really loved it more.

Also, what was the rift in your friendship with Rubina Dilayik? You guys looked very well together.

All this happened during the work of the panchayat. While I have always loved her as a friend, I was shocked to realize that she held very different opinions about me. This is how things started to get bad between us. She is playing and manipulating a game and tries to make a story about it all. I don’t blame her because the show needs to drag others down to shine. And therefore, I do not make any complaint against him, nor do I hate him.

When Kashmirira Shah was evicted, he said that AAP and Rubina abused and even kept a watch on the challengers.

I never abused the challengers, rather, I would prevent others from doing so. I have done the cleaning and work for them even without telling anyone. Just because some people made a personal complaint against me, others followed suit. They accused me of all this when I have been really good with them.

Do you think you were portrayed negatively by the producers?

I know that people really transpire through the day in the house and then look at competitors on the same basis. However, I do not believe in positive or negative images because they are all part of me. Just because someone is cute does not mean they do not get angry. What really matters to me is that I stayed true to myself. Bigg Boss did not change the opinion of me or those who love me.

If you can go back in time, would you like to change anything in your journey?

Not really, except the way I reacted after my fight with Rahul Vaidya. I am guilty of this, but then, it was a natural tendency.

Lastly, what has been your biggest takeaway from Bigg Boss 14?

(Smiling) The feeling of falling in love, and feeling it. What happened to me on the show was the most beautiful thing.

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