Jared Padalecki Proves the Bromance is Real With Milo Ventimiglia

Can call it as well Gilmore Friends, Because it is strong among bromance Jared padalecki And Meet ventimiglia.

Instead of quarreling over whether Rory should have ended up with Dean or Jess, the actors are politely declaring that they are killing their opponent on every screen, Instead of your own Gilmore Girls Character.

At first, Milo accepted the age-old debate — Team Jess or Team Dean — when he signed up while reading in his office, appearing on “I Heart Dean 4 Hour,” The Tonight Show.

Jared returned the favor by acknowledging his love for his bad boy on Instagram. On Tuesday, April 6, he shared a photo of himself with a smiling grin as he held an Oscar Oscar statue in purple and pink and a sign reading, “I Heart Jess 4 Hour”.

Supernatural The star wrote, “Ohmigod @miloanthonyventimiglia our offices are SO SIMILAR,”, “their” little @gilmoregirls homeboy love! TWINSIES! “

Jared teased, “Well, I don’t have an Emmy nomination, but I have a ‘Best Body’ trophy, which is worth a dollar [that my wife Genevieve Padalecki] Hollywood and Vine paid for it. “He said,” Miss Ye brother. Then there can be no more pride. “

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