Jared Leto’s History as a Method Actor Is No Little Thing

Jared Leto's History as a Method Actor Is No Little Thing

No one can ever accuse Jared Leto Of being lazy during his work.

During his career, which spans almost three decades, the actor has played roles in films Suicide squad And Dallas Buyers Club. Both of those projects vary in severity, but Leto approaches with the same role that he assigns to each character he takes.

And this intensity is evident in the decision to materialize his role And Set off.

in Darren Aronofsky movie Requiem for a Dream, Leto dropped 25 pounds for her role as the heroine of Harry Goldfarb. At the time, the star reported Wire It was “painful” to lose that weight, remembering, “I was constantly in a state of hunger. I began to faint while I was on set.”

Eventually, he found himself in the hospital, where he learned that “the bone marrow fell 400 points.”

Nevertheless, the actor said it was a “rewarding” experience. He told the newspaper, “I don’t know if you’ve ever fasted, but there were moments towards the end, where I had hallucinations.” “I will look up at the sky, and I will feel absolute peace.”

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