Jared Leto Appreciates Method Actor Label, But Believes It Can Be Pretentious

Jared Leto appreciates being labeled as a method actor. However, he believes it can also be “really show off”. Throughout his career, Leto took his job very seriously, which sometimes got him to remain in character when he turned off the camera. Of 2016 Suicide squad found it Jared Leto Portraying the Joker and his behind-the-scenes antics has become a Hollywood legend given to co-stars due to rumors about animal carcasses and sex toys.

In a new interview, Jared Leto discusses his career as well as the method acting tag. whereas Suicide squad While thinking about the method acting of Leto comes to the mind of most people, it is something that he has been doing for years. To prepare for Darren Aronofsky Requiem for a Dream, He lived on the streets for two weeks. The actor at the time said, “Getting close to drug addiction, and seeing people was heart-wrenching”. Leto said this when asked recently about the method acting tag.

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“I appreciate the term, I think it’s a bit cloudy, the definition. And this, it can really be a show too. I was showing it as my work and the best that I can do. Good job. It’s mine. ” The job to show, whatever I can do, can be overpraised. And to distribute. It is also my job to show it and, you know, a pleasure to work with. And, and, and, to be allies, and. It was a good experience on set. “

Will Smith famously stated that he never met Jared Leto on the set of sets Suicide squad 6 months after filming. Instead, Smith said that he only met the Joker. Many people have said the same thing while addressing their experiences with the actor. Speaking of the Clown Prince of Crime, Leto believes that his Small things The character Albert Sperm is similar to his clown Suicide squad. Leto explains.

“There are some, very few characters that you play, who have absolutely no rules, you know, that you can just go to town. Sperm reminds me a little bit about that character, plus that little bit out of the box. Is. He is someone who says everything he thinks, basically. And he is always surprised. He is very playful. And I found him really very funny … He is a good guy or a bad guy. Maybe, but he’s a funny guy! “

Apparently, the Joker has been back in the class of Jared Leto for the past several months thanks to the Joker Snyder Justice League. It is reported that the actor returned to the role for a new cameo, though Leto played the role of Cuckoo when asked about it. He said, “I may or may not be involved in this; I have also heard rumors.” “We have to let Zac go [Snyder] Confirm or deny that one. … I may or may not have shot anything with Jack, but I love him, he’s just a crazy and incredible filmmaker; We are with great and have great chemistry. “

Jared Leto wants to continue using unconventional acting methods, as they work for him. He has won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor along with many other accolades over the years thanks to his style of work. He’s checking out Marvel fans Morbius, Which will finally hit theaters this year after a long delay. You can watch the entire interview with Latero in different ways.

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