Japan Digital Nomad Visa – Who is eligible for this and how to apply?

Japan is getting ready to provide a Japan Digital Nomad Visa starting next month March 2024. It will permit entry for up to six months for nationals of 49 countries, including EU members.

Japan Digital Nomad Visa

Next month, Japan plans to provide a visa specifically for digital nomads. It will let visitors from 49 countries including EU members remain in the nation for a maximum of six months. With its vibrant cities, varied natural settings, and well-known pop culture, Japan is the ideal destination for combining business and leisure.

With its population aging, the nation’s economy and competitiveness abroad are in danger, thus it is opening up to more and more foreigners. According to Japan’s Labour Ministry, there are now more than two million foreign workers in the nation, the greatest number in history.

If you earn more than $68,300 a year and have always wanted to go to Japan, you may be in luck since a new six-month visa program is starting this spring.  The Japanese government has provisionally scheduled the introduction of a six-month visa for digital nomads for March 2024.

How Much do you need to earn for Japan’s digital nomad visa?

To be eligible for Japan’s digital nomad visa, a person must earn at least 10 million Japanese Yen (€62,672) annually. When visiting Japan, wives and children are welcome to travel with digital nomads as long as they have private health insurance. They need to have health insurance as well.

With this visa, remote workers may remain in the nation for up to six months, which is twice as long as the 90 days that visa-free “short-term visitors,” who are legally not authorized to work while in the country, are now allowed. It is not feasible to renew it for subsequent visits; it can only be done so six months after leaving the country.

On the other hand, candidates will not be allowed to rent long-term housing or be eligible for residence. Before it is anticipated to debut by the end of March, the proposed visa is now available for public feedback.

Japan Digital Nomad Visa

How to apply for Japan’s digital nomad visa?

Although there are currently few details available, applying for Japan’s digital nomad visa is probably going to be quite similar to applying for the country’s other long-term work visa for highly qualified workers.

If a digital nomad wants to work in Japan, they must apply at a local Japanese embassy with all the required paperwork and proof of employment.

While there aren’t any formal details on the application procedure as of yet, we can anticipate more information to surface in the next weeks as the program approaches its official debut date in March.

Who qualifies for Japan’s digital nomad visa?

To be eligible for Japan’s digital nomad visa, candidates need to fulfill these four prerequisites:

  • They have to earn ¥10 million (about USD 68,341 at the current exchange rate) per year at the very least.
  • They will not be eligible to use Japan’s public health care system; instead, they must obtain private foreign health insurance.
  • Self-employed individuals or independent contractors need to provide documentation proving they are engaged regularly by a company located outside of Japan.
  • The bearer of the visa is permitted to reside in Japan with their spouse and children. Additionally, they need to be protected by private foreign insurance.

Japan Digital Nomad Visa Requirements

This is what we currently know about the Japan digital nomad visa requirements as we wait for further details to be disclosed.  To qualify for the Japan digital nomad visa, you need to fulfill the following requirements:

  • Valid Passport – A valid passport from a nation where entry to Japan is permitted without a visa is required.
  • Work Remotely – You have to work remotely for companies based outside of Japan as an employee or freelancer.
  • Earn USD 68,300 per year – You have to make the required minimum income.
  • International Health Insurance – For the length of your visit to Japan, you need to have health insurance.

Things to Keep in mind about Japan’s Digital nomad visa

With the new visa designed for foreign remote workers, individuals will be able to work from any location in the nation without having to be hired by a Japanese firm.

Before taking the plunge, traveler should nevertheless take into account the following factors:

  • Japan’s six-month maximum stay for digital nomads is very short compared to other East Asian nations like South Korea, which lets remote workers remain for up to two years.
  • Holders of remote worker visas will not be regarded as Japanese residents, therefore they are not permitted to rent long-term housing such as a flat or home. Visitors will have to choose between hotels or short-term lodging options like Airbnbs.
  • Once you have spent six months living outside of Japan, you may only reapply for the digital nomad visa.
  • Whether the 90-day tourist visa may be combined with the digital nomad visa is still up for debate.

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