Jamie Lynn Spears’ Reaction to Britney & Justin’s Denim Look Is Gold

Relive Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake’s Shocking Denim Date

Like how a unique form came together, Steven gerstein, Who styled NSYNC At the time, a recent interview with Jezebel explained the process.

“Justin and Brittany were dating at the time. We were in New Orleans when Britney and Justin were like, ‘We’re in matching denim.” And I was like, ‘How are you doing? Who is doing it? ‘ “We take the costume national suit that Justin wore famous person album cover. We remaked it in denim. The conversation with Levi was taking place at the same time and Brittany was working with Kurt and Bart. We had some crossover contacts at Levi, so it became an idea and was being built within days. the rest is history.”

When they were two of the world’s biggest pop stars at that moment, Jerstein recalled the former couple as “just two kids, wishing for something cool and super cute, matching”. It was like her prom. An idea, and we did what they wanted to oppose in other ways. “

To revive the iconic fashion moment, keep scrolling for a digital stroll down memory lane!

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