James Gunn Shares Wild List of Inspirations Behind HBO Max’s Peacemaker Series

James Gunn is known for openly discussing his projects at all stages of development, and yesterday was no exception. The beloved director replied to a fan’s question via Twitter about what is the biggest inspiration for his hot anticipation Peacemaker The series was, and they shared quite a list. He responded with the following revelations.

“My biggest inspiration is @JohnCena taking the costume home to see what it takes to nap. Other big inspirations are Better Call Saul, Dance Dance Revolution, Tight-White, Def Leppard, 1970’s Captain TV movie, And one is rotten. Childhood. “

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Well, this is definitely an entertaining yet expanding set of styles. Let’s dig into what this might mean for this series. His joint better call Saul Gun’s previous works don’t necessarily share the same tone with the AMC show. Gunn is often praised for his expert ability to combine heart and humor with intense situations, so Peacemaker Sharing the same vibes with better call Saul Makes sense. As to what he might mean with his addition of video games Dance dance revolution, Your guess is as good as mine.

My theory is that we can do more than one comic dance in the series, James gunn Easily pulled off before Guardians of the Galaxy Movies. About Def Leppard he says that we can find some 1970s rock music as a soundtrack. Gunn has already mentioned Suicide squad It would feel like a 1970s war film, so it tracks. Finally, Gun mentions the cult classic captain America Tv movie. This was never in doubt because the dress of the peacekeeper is as ridiculous as anything in the DC universe until now.

Putting all these clues together, we can expect the most Peacemaker To be a fast-paced, jovial, nostalgic, dark and hilarious superhero show. It will also mark the first live-action show set in the DC Extended Universe, so it will be an exciting watch.

In addition to Peacemaker And Suicide squad (Coming to theaters and HBO Max on August 6), James Gun has a lot of experience in the world of superhero films. He is acclaimed for films like Super, Shine, and of course The guardian of the galaxy Series (he is slated to complete Guardians Trilogy with a holiday special. With a resume like this, I think it’s fair to assume that we’re great with both of them in their upcoming DC projects.

Peacemaker John Cena (antihero?) As John Cena, starring John Cena as Steve Edge (reprising his role from Gun’s other upcoming project) Suicide squad), Lotta Adebayo as Daniel Brooks, Vigilante as Chris Conrad, Capt. Locke as Christopher Herdahl, Emilia Harcourt as Jennifer Holland, Chakwudi Iwuzi as Clemson, Newt as Judumester and Auggie Smith as Robert Patrick as. It is still not known how long the series will be so as not to spoil. Suicide squad. My money is on it because I hope to be one of the many suicide squad members to die from the peacekeeper, but don’t take his word for it. The show will premiere on HBO Max in January 2022.

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