James Gunn Is Shooting New Guardians Scenes for Disney World’s Cosmic Rewind Ride

James Gunn has confirmed that he will be shooting new ride scenes for another Guardians of the Galaxy The ride, Cosmic Rewind, is opening at Disney World. This is one of several projects that are currently dealing with diredctor. He revealed Cosmic Rewind News on Twitter, which had three new theme park attractions Guardians Projects Gunn currently works.

The director James gunn No one is relieving with a fairly hectic schedule in the Marvel and DC superhero universes. This summer, fans will be introduced to their version Suicide squad, One of his biggest films yet. In addition, Gunn is currently working Peacemaker, An HBO Max series focused on the character of John Cena Suicide squad. After a long hiatus from the MCU, Gunn will now return to three projects working together.

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Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 Ready for release in 2023. This third entry was due to come out in 2020, however, several factors including the temporary removal of Gun’s project and COVID-19 have delayed the project. Gunn is also directing Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special Coming to Disney + in 2022. On April 22, Gunn shared a photo on his Twitter, which began writing the script for this special. Star Wars veteran Mark Hamill reliably responded to the tweet, which clearly had PTSD after working The Star Wars Holiday Special.

Fans of James Gunn and The Guardians received even more good news on April 19 when Gunn confirmed on Twitter that he would be directing the scene for the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind attraction at Disney World. In response to a question from FANDOM on Twitter, Gunn said the attraction “is also on the agenda.”

This is the second collaboration between Disney Parks and James Gun as Gun also directed scenes from Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout! In Disney’s California Adventure in California. Mission Breakout! There is a rethink of the Tower of Terrorists and the riders help Rocket Racon take the captives out of captivity, when the crew is captured by Benicio del Toro’s The Collector and held in his gallery.

According to Diskittorblog, Disney World is describing Cosmic Rewind as a “storytelling” rollercoaster, which means it will be a “roller coaster with show scenes”. The full story for Cosmic Rewind has not been shared in detail, but Disney shared a photo of a young Peter Quill on EPCOT, possibly before she was kidnapped by Yondu.

Disney shared a quick video of the roller coaster roaming the track, showing what these vehicles looked like and what the ride experience would be like. The cosmic rewind itself is only part of a series of new additions coming to EPCOT as the park is undergoing massive changes.

According to Geekentry, the gun will go into production directly on everyone Guardians of the Galaxy Once he starts production then the projects ” Peacemaker Chain. For Cosmic Rewind, Disney has not released an opening date as the attraction is still under construction. If you are a fan of Gunn and his superhero efforts, there is a lot to look forward to. While Gunn is going to be busy for the next few years, it seems like he is enjoying life as he dives into some great comic book quirks.

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