James Gunn Gets Daily Threats Over Killing Characters in The Suicide Squad

James Gun’s upcoming DC project Suicide squad Fast approaching and is already one of the most awaited films of the year. For the past several months, Gunn has been promoting his film through online interviews and tweets as he teases the film. The one thing he has been most adamant about is that most of the characters in the film will die, which is understandable. Unfortunately, some people have reacted to this by threatening to see Gun potentially dying his favorite character. “This morning on IG: ‘This is a threat. If you kill (character name modified) I will hate you.’ Har. Single. Day, “he said in response to an article on Twitter about the threats he received.

James gunno Previously stated in an interview with Dane of Geek that “the first thing I had to do was to ignore the potential blow from killing a character … I’m just the servant of the story, so whatever the story says it will I’m going to do, no matter what the outcome. I believe in the truth of the story. I believe there was a story that needed to be told that I had no control. ” In other words, he was already aware that there would be people who would react poorly to his narrative decisions. But knowing that threats would come their way did not make it any easier. In response to his latest tweet, a fan said, “Sometimes I wonder if anyone has enough perseverance to make popular media. My hat is on you!” Gun replied and said.

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“If you read the comments below this thread, they’re on average around 75 or 50 positives to 1 negative – a lot of artists get caught up in the negative ones and get shocked for the positives. I try So that I don’t get stuck. Get down in either of them and focus on what I like to do. “

Suicide squad There will definitely be a blood bath, and Gun is only doing his best to prepare fans for that reality. Due to the sheer size of the cast, fans will probably see dozens of their favorite DC characters being killed in strange ways. Even though fans will inevitably join some characters (especially King Shark took the internet by storm after the trailer’s debut), it gives them no right to send threats to the artist. Gunn said the threat is far less than the amount of positive comments from fans, but receiving any threat is sure to take a toll emotionally.

Suicide squad Viola Davis as Amanda Waller, Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn, Jay Courtney as Captain Boomerang, Joel Kinnaman as Rick Flag (all four of whom are reprising their roles from the 2016 Suicide Squad), Idris Elba As Bloodsport, David Dustalmachian will star as Polka. Dot Man, Steve Edge as John Economos, Sylvester Stallone as King Shark’s voice, Daniela Melchior as Ratcatcher 2, John Cena as Peacemaker (who will return as a character in the upcoming HBO Max series) PeacemakerMichael Rucker as Savant, Flula Borg as Javelin, Peter Capaldi as Thinker, Nathan Fillion as TDK, Myling Ng as Mongal, Pete Davidson as Blackguard, Sean Gun as Weasel, General Joaquin Cosio as Mateo Suarez, Juan Diego Boto as Luna, Storm Reid as Tyla, Alice Braga as Sol Soria, Jennifer Holland as Emilia Harcourt, and Taika Vetti in the role of an unknown (original Ratcatcher / Rumored to be the father of Ratcatcher 2). Suicide squad Will be released in theaters and on HBO Max on 6 August 2021.

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