James Gunn Confirms He Turned One Marvel Fan Theory Into MCU Canon

James Gunn Confirms He Turned One Marvel Fan Theory Into MCU Canon

A franchise like MCU that spans over a decade and is worth many additional decades of storytelling between comics and cartoons is naturally a rich breeding ground for fan theories. recently, Guardians of the Galaxy Director James Gunn revealed a particular aspect of his films in the franchise about Stan Lee, which was directly inspired by a popular fan theory.

“Stan Lee’s connection to Vault 2 in Wallet was definitely inspired by fan theories.”

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Marvel Comics veteran Stan Lee appears one way or another in every film in the MCU, sometimes as a bus driver, other times as a guest at a party hosted by the Avengers. There is never any explanation for Lee’s various characters in each film, all of which are mysteriously always found around a protagonist or a place where something dangerous is about to happen.

This led fans to guess that Lee Utu is playing the character of The Watcher. In the comics, the Watchers are an ancient race of highly evolved beings with a view to and record the history of the evolution of lesser-known species. Uatu is the sentinel assigned to Earth and frequently interacts with the planet’s heroes in the comic to prevent cosmic threats.

With him James gunn result Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, In a scene depicting the interstellar journey, viewers get a glimpse of Lee sitting on an asteroid while interacting with the company of the Watchers in a spacesuit. We get another glimpse of Lee taking the same place at the end of the film, this time requesting viewers to arrange some form of transport for him from an asteroid.

Guardians of the Galaxy The scene confirmed that Lee, if not really a watcher himself, was at least someone who worked for him, and thus far more powerful than his previous performances in the MCU. Fans were thrilled by MCU’s long-standing fan theory, and Gunn proved that showers at Marvel Studios were really paying attention to fantasy. Back in 2017, Kevin Feige also confirmed that it was fan theory that inspired Lee’s idea of ​​different characters who were the same people who worked for the Watchers.

“Yes, we always thought [the theory] Will be fun Stan Lee is clearly present, you know, above and beyond the reality of all films. So the notion that he was sitting there to stop a cosmic pit during the jump gate sequence at the Guardian was something very funny … ”

“James had that idea and we shot that cameo and liked it very much. You know, you see it once or twice in the film. It wasn’t long and we looked forward to bringing it back. Extended. The process where he refers to the time when he was a Federal Express agent – we thought it would be fun to put it there because he actually says, ‘So wait a minute, that’s the character that’s in all these movies Has popped up. ‘

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