James Franco Sexual Misconduct Case Ends in a Settlement

James Franco Sexual Misconduct Case Ends in a Settlement

Update: A temporary settlement on the sexual misconduct trial of 2019 James Franco Reported on 21 February, several outlets, including the Associated Press, arrived, citing lawyers for the plaintiff on 21 February. The terms of the agreement were not made public.


James Franco Is facing new charges of sexual misconduct for the second time in two years.

In January 2018, five women, four of whom were his students, came forward to discuss their experience studying under the director’s direction. Published by Expos Los Angeles Times, Aspiring filmmakers alleged that Franco would never leave the film’s set in despair whenever an actress refused to take off her top for a scene. One student specifically described, “I felt like I was selected for something based on my hard work and my ability, and that’s when I realized it was because I’m good [breasts], It was very clear that this was not so. “

Ultimately, none of the women took legal action against the star, instead they demanded actual changes and apologies.

However, now almost two years have passed, one of the original four complainants, Sara Tur-Kaplan, And another student, Tony cheek, Is filing a lawsuit accusing Franco of “grossly inappropriate and sexual behavior toward female students by jeopardizing the opportunity for roles in their projects by sexually harassing their power as a teacher and an employer” Have done. “

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