Jake Paul vs. Ben Askren is now live: Main event start time, how to watch and full fight card

Jake Paul vs. Ben Askren: Start date, how to watch online

Jake Paul after defeating Nate Robinson.

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Now Jake Paul vs Ben Eskiren is live!

Very soon Jake Paul will face ex-MMA fighter Ben Escrain in a boxing match that promises to break the Internet. The starting card has started, but The main event is expected to start at about 8.30 pm PT / 11.30 pm ET. The Paul Brothers, Jake and Logan, have fought between them several times, but it is a bit stranger. Ben Eskaren fought in MMA and is a former world champion. He was primarily a wrestler with underdeveloped boxing, but still – a move for Jake Paul?

Here is everything you need to know.

Description of fight

Jake Paul and Ben Oscar are fighting eight rounds at cruiserweight. This means that both fighters cannot weigh more than 200 pounds. Considering Escairen, who fought as a collegium wrestler in 170 and 174 during his MMA run, you can expect him to be largely under that range. Jake Paul weighed 189 pounds for his last boxing match.

When does the fight take place?

According to the Triller page, The main event will begin on April 17 at around 9 pm ET. It’s 6 pm PT. The main event will start at around 8.30 pm PT / 11.30 ET

Viewers in Britain will have to stay up until 2 am on 18 April to watch the fight. If you are tuning in from Australia, the fight takes place at 11 am on 18 April.

Who is Jake Paul?

Jake Paul is the brother of Logan Paul. Both are a large-sized YouTube online personality following on almost every social media platform. He now gained popularity in early controversial video platforms Vine and Jake Paul on the Disney Channel upcoming show Bizzardwark.

Lately, both of the Paul Brothers became boxing, oddly famous. Logan Paul chose YouTuber KSI to draw in a lucrative high-profile amateur boxing match in August 2018. Jake Paul countered KSI’s brother Deji Olatunji on the undercard.

After the bout, Jake Paul continued boxing and fought professionally twice, most recently defeating former NBA star Nate Robinson on Mike Tyson’s recent return against Roy Tires.

Since that competition, Jake Paul has been going back and forth with several MMA fighters, including Connor McGregor and his training partner Dillon Dennis, but he is eventually setting up a boxing match against retired UFC fighter Ben Escrain .

Who is Ben Escrain?

Ben Escarren is perhaps best known for being violently KO’d by UFC superstar George Masvidal in five seconds, but before that he was an undefeated fighter and counted among the most effective wrestlers in the MMA.

Eskiren became world champion in two organizations, Belter and One FC, following an incredibly successful amateur wrestling career. He made a UFC run at the end of his career, but by then had endured several long-term long-term injuries. He eventually retired as a result of those injuries.


The wait-in took place and was quite surprising.

Despite fighting over 170 pounds during his MMA career, Ben Escrain came in at 191.5 pounds. Jake Paul weighed 191 pounds flat. You can see the full weight-in here.

The short story is that Ben Escrane did not feel like she was in good shape, but at the age of 170, she did not show up at all.

What can we study in it? Probably not much. Shekren probably wanted to get in heavy because Paul is naturally the big fighter of the two.

How do i see

He is very straightforward. You can purchase the Jake Paul vs. Ben Escrain PPV event at Triller Fight Club for $ 49.99.

What if I am out of America?

If you are outside the US, or if you have trouble accessing the local version of the fight, you can choose to use a VPN to use the Fite.tv/Triller feed above. US-Based IP Address.

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Who is the betting favorite?

Odd-even people have Paul is listed as a better favorite at +125-225.

It makes perfect sense. While this fight is an unknown quantity, Eskiren was not considered a good striker in MMA. His entire game was set up around his wrestling and brutal ground and pound attacks. When the fight is at stake, Escairen looks lethargic and limited. Jake Paul, inexperienced, has more professional boxing experience than Oscar and has not lost a boxing match yet.

That being said, Oscar is a former professional fighter with a 19–2 record and wins against world-class competition. Jake Paul is 2–0 against less experienced opposition.

Press conference

Triller held a Connor McGregor-Eske press conference a few weeks ago, leading Jake Paul and Ben Eschren to each other.

This culminated in a comical stardown, where Caesar casually contorted Paul’s face and Paul responded by throwing an awkwardly drawn punch.

Solid preview for how this fight is going to play? Possibly.

Who else is on the fight card?

The full fight card is as follows…

  • Jake paul vs ben escrain
  • Regis Progresis vs Evan Redkak
  • Steve Cunningham vs Frank Mir
  • Joe Fournier vs Andres Felipe Robeldo Lodono
  • Junior Yunnan vs Jayson Minda
  • Lorenzo Simpson vs Francisco Torres
  • Quinton Randall vs William Jackson

Demonstration and commentary team

Outside of boxing, the Jake Paul vs. Ben Escaren incident is expected to feature multiple performances by legitimate A-listers.

Justin Bieber, Diplo, The Black Keys, Doja Cat and Major Laser all expected to perform. Mount Westmore, a new rap group features – get this – Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube, E-40, and Two $ Hort are also on display.

Oddly, Pete Davidson has been added to the commentary team. During Mike Tyson vs. Roy Jones Jr. – Triller’s last major PPV contest – Snoop Dogg’s commentary went a bit viral. A voice like triller is going for the same vibe with this PPV.

Celebrities also confirmed to attend include supermodels Taylor Hill, Mario Lopez and Tiktok superstars Dixie and Charlie D’Melio.

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