Jackie Aina Shoots Down the Beauty Industry’s Diversity Excuses

Jackie Aina Shoots Down the Beauty Industry's Diversity Excuses

As Ana said, there is still work to be done in the beauty world, but she also sees through excuses what the industry is offering. “I just really think that when you want to serve a specific demographic, you will,” she said. “Brands know how to create technology that fills pores in products, we know how to make lips, we know how to do all these different things, so I just need to make standard excuses. Sounds like … we always use. That being said, ‘oh, it’s hard to do ….’, but it’s not impossible, so make it possible. We’ve had many products that have been around for decades. Innovating, but we still make them and so. Me, I have come to know that there is literally no excuse. “

Also, as the Inclusive Advocate made it clear, the process of creating darker colors is not “more difficult.” Nevertheless, the lack of diversity extends beyond the products themselves. “There are brands that still go too far to not represent diversity in their campaigns, they don’t work with diverse models, they don’t even cater to specific demographics,” she listed, “and yes , It is very clear that they do not want to.

But, fortunately, customers are no longer at the mercy of the same list of companies. If a makeup house doesn’t want to expand its demographics, “That’s fine. I don’t have to force it. I can go where I celebrate,” she said. “I can go where I have been appreciated and thank God there are many more brands today that appreciate me and create products for people like me.”

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