Jackass 4 Allegedly Fired Bam Margera for Breaking His Contract, Crew Is Trying to Get Him Help

In the sequel, Amid continues to be uncertain, Bomb Margera reportedly fired Jackass 4 For good Last week Margera posted a disturbing video on social media on Johnny Knoxville and Runting donkey The team to boot him from the project. The video was removed shortly thereafter and Baum later suggested that there was no blood between them, meaning he would be in Jackass 4 after all.

Now, a new report from TMZ states that while everyone wants Bam to get help, still does not come back Jackass 4. Margera was reportedly forbidden from firing, because the manufacturers followed the guidelines, breaking the guidelines required by him. Because they had so many specific rules to follow, the word producers were afraid of Margara’s previous substance abuse and erratic behavior due to problems on the set.

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To be involved in Jackass 4, Margera’s mandatory requirements included routine drug testing, including urine samples. It also needed to be fully committed to breathing, flying into a breathalyzer, proving that he took his medicine, and saw a psychologist during production. In his original Instagram video, Bomb will Describing his firing, he mentioned some of these situations, but did not notice what the final straw was that fired him.

This whole situation has made Bam’s friends very worried about him, especially with no apparent hope of slipping back. donkey What could be the franchise’s final outing. The idea of ​​appearing in the film had made Marjera straight and narrow for a while, but his firing left her off the rails once again. As a member of the original crew, who appeared in all other films, Baum feels as if he has been cut off from something that he helped make.

At this time, it is unclear how much footage was filmed with Margera Jackass 4, Or if any of it will be used in the final cut. In his rant, Margera insisted that he would take co-producer Jeff Tremaine to court if the producers took the ideas he contributed to the film so that he was fired. He also said that if someone cares for them, they will boycott Jackass 4 And donate money to Bam so that he can fund his film for the competition.

Margera has been in rehab several times over the past several years, his struggles have increased considerably since the death of his best friend and donkey Co-star Ryan Dunn. Targeting in addition to your latest videos donkey The producer, Bam, is also known for posting online video rants aimed at others in his life. In 2019, the actor and adventurer admitted that he also struggles with bipolar disorder, something he brought up again after his recent molestation.

What’s more important than looking at Jackass 4 Is the bomb getting the help it needs. Many of his fans are sending support in their own way through social media, who will hope to keep Bam on the right track in his journey to get better. This news comes to us from TMZ.

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