Jaan Kumar Sanu: Don’t think I would watch Bigg Boss anymore after personally experiencing it

Singer Jan Kumar Sanu recently entered Bigg Boss 14 as a connection to Nikki Tamboli. In an exclusive chat with Indianexpress.com, Jan shared that he had the best time at home.

The former contestant talked about her friendship with Nikki, why she took Abhinav Shukla and her vote in the season.

Excerpts from the conversation…

How was the experience of going back to Bigg Boss 14’s house?

It was amazing, fun and fantastic entertainment. It was one of the best weeks I have had at home. There was no concern about the contest or nomination. All the memories came back as I walked in – when I first stepped into the house, and when I was in the reject zone. This time the role was different, and I cherished every moment I spent there.

A few days before entering Bigg Boss 14, you talked about how Nikki has hurt you with her behavior. So did you know it as a connection?

As the journey is now ending, I thought it would be best to make the bygone days gone by. When I got the chance to go and support him, I felt that this is a chance to show the world what kind of person I am. There were a lot of misconceptions and negative things about me and I felt this was my chance to prove them wrong. And when Salman Bhai praised me, everything was worth it.

But have you settled your differences with Nikki?

Even before I went inside, I had decided that whatever would happen between us was to move forward. I am a happy child who does not like negativity. I did not carry any baggage with me and I think that really helped both of us. Otherwise we would have been spending time in the past and it could have affected his game.

You also got a lot to choose Abhinav Shukla for removal. What was the idea behind naming it?

I couldn’t vote for Nikki, because I went there to support her. I really love Rubina, so that was out of the question. Devolena was the pseudonym of Ejaz Bhai, and I did not want to name her. If I had chosen Rahul, people would have felt jealous, and Bigg Boss would have thrown me out, if I had chosen Rakhi (laughter). So honestly, I had no other choice. Also, we were asked to consider the entire journey and I think Abhinav Bhai started late. And that’s why I named him.

This season of Bigg Boss has received mixed reactions. As a contestant and fan of the show, how do you like it?

I am a biased big boss watchman, so if there was one person working at home, I would keep watching it. I like the show. However, after experiencing it personally, I feel that I no longer want to see Bigg Boss. I have too much of a show. I think the season was going well initially, but fell flat after a point. However, once the Challenger arrived, it picked up a lot.

How has life changed for you in Bigg Boss 14?

I think I came to know after Bigg Boss, because people finally came to know about my existence. I have got a new life, new hope and new aspirations. I have been struggling for a long time, and finally life has taken an upward swing. I will be grateful to Bigg Boss for making my dream come true.

During your tenure at home, the “Marathi language” controversy was spoken by your father against you. Did you sort things with him?

We may have differences and fight but at the end of the day, he is my father. We are both traveling a lot, and do not have time to sit and discuss. But we will soon, and I think you all will see us singing together soon.

The finale of Bigg Boss 14 is scheduled to air this Sunday along with Rubina Dilaik, Ellie Goni, Rahul Vaidya, Nikki Tamboli and Rakhi Sawant.

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