J.K. Simmons’ Original J. Jonah Jameson Screen Test Resurfaces Ahead of His Spider-Man Return

When it comes to superhero movies, casting is extremely important for fans. Fans want to see the characters they know and love seamlessly leap off the page and onto the screen. There have been great castings like Robert Downey Jr as Tony Stark and Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool. One that is often overlooked is J.K. Simmons, J. As Jonah Jameson, the editor-in-chief of the Daily Bugle, whose main job in life is to portray Spiderman as a criminal. Simmons’ performance as this character is simply iconic and now we have a video showing the early stages of this performance.

A new video has surfaced online that shows Simone’s screen test as Jameson. This shows JK Simmons Reading Sam Raimi’s First Lines Spider Man where he asks his employees to place an ad for pictures of Spiderman. It has been a long time since the video went viral, but it is trending once again. It’s a pretty dim display because we don’t necessarily get Simmons as the full Jameson. He has no hair, mustache or cigar. However, it clearly reflects the idea that Simmons had in his portrayal of the character.

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The performance made a huge impact with fans as many refer to Simmons as an absolute highlight of the Sam Raimi trilogy. While the quality of the films can be debated, Simmons as Jameson remained perfect throughout the trilogy. His performance also spawned several memes, including his iconic laugh, which he delivers when Tobey Maguire asks to be paid in advance. Maguire’s going up against the timid Parker Simmons’ crude and aggressive Jameson is perfection.

Since Raimi’s trilogy, we haven’t had another live-action performance of Jameson in a Spiderman movie. The Andrew Garfield films did not feature Peter Parker working as a photographer for the Daily Bugle, so Jameson never showed up. His most recent appearance was in the scene after the credits. Spiderman: Far From Home where he unveils footage of Mysterio revealing the true identity of Tom Holland’s Spider-Man.

Since Spider Man Trilogy, Simmons has played other iconic roles in both live-action and vocal performances. In 2015, Simmons won an Academy Award for Whiplash, where he played a psychopathic drum teacher who made Jameson look like a boyfriend in comparison. Many also know him as Tenzin The Legend of Korra And, most recently, Simmons received praise for his voice work as Omni-Man. invincible. The role also created a bunch of hilarious memories, even if Omni-Man is his most violent character yet.

It is not confirmed whether Simmons will reprise his role as Jameson in Spiderman: No Way Home. However, since he has officially appeared in the MCU, we can still get more of him as this character. This version of Jameson is different, eschewing the newspaper to go digital in a podcast-type environment. With many rumors surrounding Spiderman and the villains of other films, it is possible that we may see both versions of Simmons as Jameson. no way home Debuts this December.

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