J Balvin Details How His Brightly Colored Met Gala Look Came to Life

“He likes colors like I do,” Jeremy told E! News, “And he has such a great personality, so much fun with pop art and the way he plays with his music… and I just thought, ‘How can we take something formal for this evening but let it be that? Can you give a feeling?'”

This year’s Met Gala theme highlights American fashion, while also celebrating what makes America diverse and unique.

In fact, Jay Balvin described how representing his culture was particularly meaningful to him, saying, “I’m proud of where I come from, being Latin, it’s the first time I’m here. “

“Mi Gente” musician, who recently released his sixth studio album jose, also told E! News about another important topic close to his heart: his baby rio.

“I made a song for my son, my newborn,” he shared, adding that he is “absolutely” excited to have his little one ready.

Back in July, Jay Balvin and his partner, Valentina Ferrerannounced that they welcomed their first child together, they wrote on Twitter, “Querido Rio.” He used the same message to track his new album.

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