Ivorian startup Afrikrea partners with DHL and Visa to launch SaaS e-commerce platform ANKA – ClearTips

Ivorian startup Afrikrea partners with DHL and Visa to launch SaaS e-commerce platform ANKA – TechCrunch

In 2016, Ivorian e-commerce startup Afrikrea started as a marketplace for African-based and inspired clothing, accessories, arts and crafts. Over the last five years, Afrikrea has served more than 7,000 sellers from 47 African countries and buyers from 170 countries.

According to company data, it records more than 500,000 visits monthly, with most customers in Europe and North America recording over $ 15 million in transactions..

But when Africa presents African merchants to show their products and sell to the world, it is one of the many channels available, including personal websites and social media.

Co-founder and CEO Moulaye Taboure says he noticed that traders were dividing time and concentration into different channels, which affected their engagement with Afrika..

“We noticed that it was getting harder for our vendors to sell because they were switching time, money and energy between channels,” Tacure told ClearTips. “Every time they want to sell a product, they put it on social media, Africa and other websites. And when a buyer shows interest, there is not a single place to track and view all orders. It is difficult for these businesses to provide quality services and grow Effectively

Then last year, Afrikrea began testing an all-in-one Saas e-commerce platform for these merchants.. Today, it is announcing its launch. A platform called ANKA will allow users to ship products from Africa to anywhere in the world and make payments through local and international African payment methods..


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E-commerce, payment and global shipping. It is the game for thousands of micro retailers and businesses across the ANKA continent and the world.

The platform allows users to sell via an omnichannel dashboard with a list, order and message management. Customers can take tRansom Through customized online storefronts such as Shopify, social media platforms, links such as Gumroad and Afrikrea Bazaar.

Merchants can pay and pay Through Wallet and Epricria Visa Cards. The platform, which costs $ 12, allows customers to conduct mobile money and mobile banking transactions with MPaisa, Orange, MTN and PayPal..

Shipping completes the entire sales life cycle, from the point of sale to the receipt of the goods. In 2019, Afrikrea partnered with global logistics partner DHL To provide shipping service to its customers.

Fashion is ANKA’s best-selling category Because of its affiliation with Afrikrea. The African fashion and apparel market is valued at $ 31 billion., According to Euromonitor, and Africa estimates that its major markets have an annual spend of $ 12.5 billion.. The African diaspora from Europe received a breakdown from the company for $ 1 billion, $ 9 billion in the US and the Caribbean, and non-Africans with a $ 2.5 billion link to the continent.

but According to Common e-commerce activities on the continent, McKinsey & Company The peg consumer spends to reach $ 2.1 trillion by 2025. African e-commerce is also expected to account for up to 10% of retail sales.

Platforms like Jumia, Mall4Africa and Tacilot have been at the forefront of this growth over the past decade. MallforAfrica partnered with DHL in 2015, then four years later launched DHL Africa eShop with logistics giant. Over 200 vendors from the US and UK serve African consumers in over 30 countries on the platform.

Unlike MallforAfrica and other e-commerce platforms, ANKA differentiates itself as a platform for exports rather than imports, especially for other products. According to Moulaye, ANKA is currently the largest e-commerce exporter on the continent, and since its partnership with DHL, it has shipped more than 10 tonnes of cargo monthly from Africa..

“We are DHL’s largest customer exporting from Africa. We ship 10 tonnes every month and have sellers in 47 African countries with Kenya and Nigeria as our largest markets.. We have some Africans going global. This is one of the angles that we had with Afrika, and we want to keep it with ANKA. What separates us is that we are not In college Trying to solve Purely African problem; We want to solve a global problem for Africans.

Since launching five years ago, Africa, launched by Taboure Luke B. Perceault Diallo And Qadri Diallo, Has raised a total of $ 2.1 million towards Crunchbase. In this period, the company has seen a 5-fold increase in its revenue and claims to have a higher ARR over its lifetime. To continue its development efforts, Afrikrea is In process A series concluded later this year.

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