It’s National Superhero Day and Comic Book Fans Are Naming Their Favorites

Comic book fans are celebrating their favorite superheroes on National Superheroes Day. Whether it’s someone from DC or one of Marvel’s superheroes, everyone has their own personal favorites. This is the perfect opportunity to recognize these iconic characters, and thousands of Marvel and DC fans are talking about some of the most popular superheroes on Twitter.

One fan tweeted, including several pictures as Robert Downey Jr., Tony Stark, aka Iron Man, “This” is NationalSuperheroDay, so let me present you my favorite. A fan of Man of Steel said, “Happy #NationalSuperheroDay! She will be the first, the best, and always my inspiration no matter who you are. If you know me, you know how much Superman means to me.”

Another Twitter user with a performance name reading Strongest Avenger tweeted: “Happy #NationalSuperheroDay to Captain Marvel and Captain Marvel.” Celebrating the occasion by wearing a superhero on his feet, another fan posted, “Rocking my #Batman socks for #NationalSuperheroDay. Which superhero are you rocking?”

“Happy #NationalSuperheroDay for Greatest Superhero. Chadwick Bosman, Forever,” reads another tweet, featuring the young actor with photos of the late actor black Panther Fans in the hospital.

“It’s” NationalSuperHeroDay, “someone else says.” I had a Wonder Woman swimsuit I wore all day and all night for my mom to cut it to pieces because it was worn and seen. Was. She was my inspiration and idol. “

One tweet reads: “Today’s #NationalSuperheroDay – Whoever is your favorite, be sure to let go of your dynamic show today! I know I probably wouldn’t have been alive today if #GreenLantern hadn’t been for Hal Jordan.” “

And one Ryan Reynolds fan tweeted: “#NationalSuperheroDay well Deadpool is no superhero, but @VancityReynolds! Thank you Ryan for everything you do! Thank you for making me happy and your hilarious movies. And I laugh at being saddened by the interviews. A true superhero. “

Marvel Studios is celebrating with a promo for Black Widow, which is due to come out this summer, their next superhero film. Reprising her role from the MCU starring Scarlett Johansson, the film will be released in theaters and Disney + on July 9 with premiere access. Kali Mai Phase four will officially mark the debut of films on the big screen.

The studio said, “This” NationalSuperHeroDay and Natasha Romanoff will always be our heroes.

For their part, DC also announced a date for the DC Fandom this year. In a tweet posted by the company, it was revealed that the “epic global event” would return on October 16, 2021. Last year’s event brought tons of big DC-related news, so it would definitely be worth checking out the festivities again this fall.

Meanwhile, for many others, recognizing National Superheroes Day is about paying tribute to some real-life superheroes who try their best to help others every day. Whether we’re talking about comic book lore characters or someone you know in real life, it’s a good day to leave you feeling inspired. You can find a variety of different answers from people naming your favorite superheroes on Twitter under the hashtag #NationalSuperheroDay.

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