Is Tom Cruise Joining The Rock in Netflix’s Action Epic Red Notice?

Is Tom Cruise Joining The Rock in Netflix’s Action Epic Red Notice?

Tom Cruise reportedly in talks to join Netflix cast Red notice. The upcoming action-thriller already has an amazing cast, including Dwayne Johnson, Gal Gadot, and Ryan Reynolds, but this mix will be topped if Cruise is added. According to sources, Cruise is in talks for a cameo role that would go on to set things up for the future of the potential franchise. There is not much information about this particular casting rumor, but it will definitely get a lot of eyeballs on the film.

Red notice After a few hiccups, production started in January this year and then had to be halted in March like every other major studio project. At the time, the producers were reportedly trying to get Tom Cruise riding. It is believed that “if they are unable to come to a deal, the production is looking for a star of the same magnitude as Cruise. This is a very short list of Hollywood stars.” It’s not really much bigger than Tom Cruise in the world of action these days, so hopefully they get their wish.

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Even if Tom Cruise came for a cameo role Red notice, He would probably put the actors in check and give them a run for their money. Dwayne Johnson, Gail Gadot, and Ryan Reynolds are all highly adept at the action world, but Cruise may have stepped into his game if they wanted to work with him, including some pretty crazy training or working onscreen stunts. is. When he starts shooting the film at a space station, Cruise is already going to blow up all the competition, so there’s a lot of pressure on him to work with someone.

Red notice Was about to start shooting last year after wrapping up on Dwayne Johnson Jumanji: The Next Level. However, things did not go according to plan, which is a shame as the film will probably be completed by this time.

Along with Johnson and writer / director Rawson Marshall Thurber, the film became part of a bidding war involving major studios fighting for rights. Universal Pictures, Warner Bros. Pictures, Paramount Pictures, Legendary Entertainment, Netflix and Sony Pictures Entertainment were all considered. Universal ended up winning the bid, but later did not agree to a price tag.

When Universal bowed, the streaming Netflix agreed to the budget came to the rescue. So, if we get to see Tom Cruise and Dwayne Johnson together Red notice, It will be for a Netflix project. As the film will go back into production, it’s unclear at the time as the rest of Hollywood tries to figure out what will happen next. Despite this, the team should be given some extra time to negotiate with Cruz to strike the right deal. Red notice And the news of Tom Cruise’s casting was originally told by The Illuminati.

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