‘Is a family only complete when you have a boy?’: Teejay Sidhu, mother to 3 girls, pens note on gender discrimination

Teejan Sidhu, who has recently welcomed her third daughter with husband Karanvir Bohra, wrote in a post that many consider her a ‘whole family’ in our family. The VJ-actor took to Instagram on the occasion of Family Day to redefine the old-fashioned belief that children of both sexes can only cater to one family.

Sharing a long note on social media with a beautiful photo with her husband and children, Teeja Sidhu first apologized for the delay in celebrating Family Day. She then went on to write that she wanted to share a recent incident that left her disappointed. She mentioned that someone knew that he was recently a boy, followed by a girl. One of his acquaintances said ‘Congratulations, now your family is complete!’ Best wishes to parents.

The mother-of-three shared that while she gave the comment the benefit of the doubt, she left wondering if having only one son and daughter could complete the family. Saying that having a child is still such a blessing, Teej Sidhu told his followers that “with how many you have, or with which gender, your perfection should not be determined.”

As a parting note, he also mentioned that it is important as a younger generation to be more responsible with the thoughts and ideas with which we live. By adding this one should teach others to convince the family.

Read the full note of Teej Sidhu here:

It was #FamilyDay on 15 February and of course my post is late, as always! Share I wanted to share something ..

Recently, I know there was a child. (He already had a girl.) Someone else commented to me, ‘Congratulations, now your family is complete!’

This disappointed me a bit. Is a family only ‘full’ when you have a boy? Suppose the person had another girl. Would this mean that his family was ‘incomplete?’ Even having just one child is so unbearable! After that, how many you have, or for which gender, should not determine your ‘perfection’.

I am sure the comment was not offensive. (Perhaps they meant that there was one of each now? In that case, the intent could be expressed more clearly.) I just feel as a younger generation, we get more with those thoughts / ideas There is a need to be responsible for what we put there. Come teach others how to celebrate #family. For me, the joy that #family brings me fulfills me. 4

On the occasion of Valentine’s Day, Karanvir Bohra and Teejay Sidhu introduced their youngest child to fans. The couple shared that they named their younger one, Jia Vanessa Snow. Explaining the idea behind the unique name, Teejay shared, “GIA VANESSA SNOW .. which reminds us everyday what is #Shudh .. whose name revolves around love .. Gia, whose Meaning #Venessa from Latin. , Meaning meaning Venus, the god of love ‘.. and Snow because her two elder sisters named her before we decide a name !! (What a coincidence, it snowed on #ValentinesDay today!) Spread Can you spread love and sunshine everywhere, a little .. You are so precious. 4 “

Karanvir Bohra and wife Teej Sidhu welcomed their third child in December 2020. Their twin daughters Bella and Vienna were born in 2016.

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