Irul movie review: Fahadh Faasil, Darshana Rajendran film let down by a plot that sags and drags

Irul Film Cast: Fahd Fasil, Saubin Shahir, Darshan Rajendran
Irul Film Director: Nasif Yusuf Izuddin
Irul Film Rating: 2 stars

A nightmare-prone writer who writes ‘dark’ novels. A beautiful lawyer anchored her cell phone. A strange companion in satin nightgown. And the deadly game is being played in a big house in a deserted hill. The elements of an exciting thriller are all correct and present in this first feature, shot during the epidemic. But one must warn writers about the fear of jumping: too little really makes any difference, and too many get straight to the point where no secret ever wants to be made, when we lay our fingers in impatience. Tapping, and waiting for it to wrap

For our artists though, we give it our attention. Darshan Rajendran is convincing as a good looking young woman who is also comfortable with being a solid professional. A coffee with a potential lover is also a multi-tasking opportunity as his work is in demand. Saubin Shaheer, who is constantly making the leap from one good role to another (Kumbalangi Nights, Android Kunjappan), is credible as a first-time author who is very pleased at bookshops, and churns out on the fact Is that her attractive date makes her phone look more attractive than it is. And Fahd Fasil, so far uneducated that it would be difficult to please us with plain vanilla characters, is right in the middle of this desi-gothic story with thunder, lightning and rain, stranded couples, and Body in a cellar.

But the plot swaying and twitching, the background music constantly telling us to feel thrilled and cold. The fact that Irul’s ‘Psycho’ overhang appears right from the start, and refuses to back down, doesn’t help either. There is a picture of the deceased mother, whose cause of death appears to be mysterious. Who is the killer Weird imposter, or writer who researches on serial killers, and wants to play his fantasies? Or someone else?

Set-up is promising. The actors are ready for this. But the way the story is told disappoints them. I did not feel a shiver in the spine and had mild discomfort. When you know, after a point, exactly whodunit, then what is the point?

Irul is streaming on English subtitles with Netflix, Malayalam.

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