IronSource acquires video and playable ad platform Luna Labs – ClearTips

IronSource acquires video and playable ad platform Luna Labs – TechCrunch

Mobile advertising company IronSource is announcing its second acquisition of the year – Luna Labs, a startup created to allow a platform that allows app developers to create and manage video and playable ads.

When I first wrote about the startup in 2019, its main selling point was the ability to create those ads directly from the Unity game engine used by many developers. Since then, it has expanded its platform to support the creation of playable and video ads (including an unlimited variety of gameplay videos), managing its entire ad library, analyzing their performance, and even automating Optimizes them based on install data. Its customers include Crazy Labs, Supersonic Studios, Lion Studios, Kweli and Voodoo.

Meanwhile, Ironsource has created a platform for mobile user development and monetization. Its most recent round of funding was valued at more than $ 400 million to more than $ 1 billion, and in January it announced the acquisition of advertising measurement company Sumla.

In a statement, Ironsource co-founder and chief revenue officer Omar Kaplan said:

Our vision at Iron Source is to build the most comprehensive development platform for app developers, allowing them to focus on content creation and building a great user experience, while we provide the infrastructure for their business expansion . Creatives are an important part of that and have only become more important as user attention increases. But ad creative development and scale testing is incredibly difficult and expensive. Luna Labs claims that by bringing high-quality end-to-end ad creation management for app developers, and we’re excited to be able to add that capability to the Iron Source platform.

Financial terms of the acquisition were not disclosed. Ironsource says that Luna Labs’ team (currently based in the United Kingdom) will remain in its existing offices, where it will continue to develop its technology “under the umbrella of Ironsource”.

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