Ireland Baldwin Defends Hailey Bieber From Selena Gomez Chants at Met

stylist Meo Reilly He shared video footage of “Singing for His Wife” with “All That Matters”.

“He was so excited to be there and even saw Hailey yelling at the mic, ‘Shout out to my wife,'” a different source told E! News. News from Justin’s show, which included the songs “Peaches,” “Love Yourself,” “Sorry,” “Anyone” and “Where Are Now.”

The 2021 Met Gala was the first time Justin and Hailey attended together. In 2018, she walked the red carpet Shawn Mendes.

As fans reported this week, Selena has previously asked her fans to be kind on social media. Amid rumors of a feud between him and Hailey in 2019, he said on an Instagram Live in 2019, “I don’t stand for women slamming women down and I will never, ever do that.”

NS only murders in the building The star shared, “It doesn’t matter what the situation is. If you’re a fan of mine, please don’t be rude to anyone. Don’t go away and say things that you feel in the moment. Just please, For me. Know that it’s not my heart and my heart is only to let go of the things that I think I am and I’m proud of. That’s all I’ll say.”

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