Intel wants to produce chips for cars amid semiconductor shortage

Intel wants to produce chips for cars amid semiconductor shortage
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The global chip shortage is killing the tech industry.

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Intel is in talks with automakers to produce semiconductor chips for cars, the company announced on Monday. Intel CEO Pat Gelssinger said the tech giant would aim to produce chips within six to nine months White House holds meeting with technical leaders on Monday related Global semiconductor shortage. Intel currently makes chips that are power computers and phones.

The announcement followed Intel last month, saying it would Open your chip factories to make chips for others, Now saying it could be a potential source of manufacturing for the car industry. Intel said it was announced with positive response, but did not name any potential automakers.

To overcome the deficiency, Intel will also invest $ 20 billion in two new chip plants In Arizona, Gelsinger said on Monday.

The White House met with CEOs of companies Intel, Dell, Samsung, Ford, HP, AT&T, Alphabet, General Motors and others. Thanks to a global shortage, Ford, General Motors, Toyota and other automakers are unable to obtain some chips, and as a result production cuts to vehicles.

In February, President Joe Biden signed an executive order to improve the semiconductor chip supply chain, which included a 100-day review. “We need to make sure that these supply chains are safe and reliable,” Biden said at the time, which powers everything from semiconductor chips to cars to medical devices.

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