Inside Scott Disick’s Night Out With Amelia Hamlin and the Kids

Inside Scott Disick's Night Out With Amelia Hamlin and the Kids

Scott disk treatment Amelia Hamlin And his children had some sweet treats in Miami this weekend and ran into a familiar face.

Scott, 37, Amelia, 19, plus Mason disick, 1 1, Penelope disk, 8, and Dislike rule, 6, and some friends of the reality star went out for dinner and dessert at a celebrity hotspot, a local sugar factory restaurant and candy store, on Saturday 20 February.

An eye witness E said, “Scott and Amelia were sitting in a booth with three children directly between them and their friends.” News. “They were all super excited to get there and loved every single dish they received. Scott and Amelia were super sweet and playful with the kids. After dinner, Scott, Mason and Amelia were tickling Raj and Penelope. Were and they were very happy and laughing. With joy. “

Eyewitnesses said, “Before exiting, they all stopped at the candy retail store and Amelia was helping Penelope Scoop put the candy in her bag, and once upon a time, Rigna saw her mom in a photo on the wall And shouted, ‘Mummy!’ “

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