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Inside Hayley Hubbard’s Pregnancy Workouts With Trainer Erin Oprea Before Baby No. 3

Bicep game:

First and foremost, hold two dumbbells between five and 12 lbs. “This game is sure to illuminate those weapons!” Erin said.

Perform 10 bicep curls and then hold at 90 degrees for 10 seconds. Then, do nine curls with a 10-second hold after this. Then, eight curls with a 10 second hold. “I’m sure you’ll find the game.” Erin shared.

Continue your curls and keep everyone down one by one “it would be better to have a tasty 10 seconds.”

Sumo Squad in Urite Row:

Extend your legs in a sumo squat position. According to Erin, it puts your toes out at an angle and your feet are wider than a normal squat so that your inner thighs get that nice burn.

With a dumb bell between five and 15 pounds, a sumo squat and half way up, go down in STOP! Then perform
An honest line. Make sure your elbows are at the shoulder level while the weight stops at the owl (or chest) level, squeezing the shoulders and back, not the neck.

Go back to the Sumo Squat to do another performance. “Twelve to 15 reps per foot will do you good,” Erin suggested.

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