Inside G-Eazy’s Plan to “Make It Right” With Ashley Benson

Inside G-Eazy’s Plan to “Make It Right” With Ashley Benson

Ashley Benson teases girls with “blowfish” selfies

Ashley Benson Here is another chance

It seems like spring breakers The star had the best spring break, as she was officially back with boyfriend C ag They separated two months ago.

On Sunday, April 11, photographs were taken of the deportees on their way to attend the dinner. The 31-year-old G-Easy fired his Ferrari, while the 31-year-old Ashley sat on the passenger seat during his night.

According to an eyewitness, they also spent weekends together on weekends. On this couple’s journey: going to friends and driving together in their convertible Ferrari, according to Witness, who exclusively tells E! News, “They came back to her house and came back together.”

In fact, E! The news can reveal that it was not a one-time thing. A source close to both Ashley and G-Easy says the couple have officially reconciled.

“Ashley forgives G and they get up on their heated argument that happened a month ago,” the source explains. “Ashley and Gee are both obsessed with each other and have a lot of fun together.”

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