Influencer Katie Sorensen Charged After Falsely Reporting Kidnapping

Influencer Katie Sorensen Charged After Falsely Reporting Kidnapping

Influential person Katie Sorensen He is facing two misdemeanor charges after being accused of attempting to abduct a child.

A spokesperson for the Sonoma County District Attorney’s Office told E! The mother of two, Kathleen Sorenson, is reported to have been charged with two misdemeanors of giving false information to police on Thursday, April 29.

Both allegations stem from Sorenson’s claim that Sadie Vega-Martinez And Eddie martinez On December 7, 2020, an attempt was made to kidnap her two children at a Michaels craft store in Petalama, California.

The affected man documented the alleged kidnapping on the Instagram account @motherhoodessentials, claiming that the two couples were chased by the Latino couple through the store in two of the deleted videos. Additionally, she said that the two told their children over the phone to others and tried to grab her stroller.

Shortly after the viral video was posted by Sorenson on December 13, Petalama police completed an investigation into their claims. At the time, he said in a press release, “To date, the investigation has not produced any evidence or witnesses corroborating the account provided by the reporting party. The evidence collected by the couple from the store Has served to support the account provided. “

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