Indori Ishq actor Ritvik Sahore on what he has learnt from co-stars Aamir Khan, Sharman Joshi

Many would still remember Ritvik Sahore as the kid from Dangal and Ferrari Ki Sawaari. But over the years, Ritvik has managed to impress as a lead actor too, and his projects like Flames, Laakhon Mein Ek and short film The Twist. Ritvik is now set to play a new age lover in MX Original Series Indori Ishq.

Ritvik portrays the character of Kunal, a victim of an unfaithful relationship. The show is touted to explore the rules of commitment in the modern times, and how it’s different for the two sexes.

Elaborating more on that, Ritvik told, “This love story is different, yet relatable. People deal with heartbreak in their own ways. Indori Ishq shows how Kunal deals with it. I feel it’s a beautiful mix of things. It’s different in the sense, it’s pure, honest, brutal, real and everything. I had a blast playing this character.”

Indori Ishq is a nine-episode drama directed by Samit Kakkad, also starring Vedika Bhandari and Aashay Kulkarni. It begins streaming on MX Player from today.

In the show, Ritvik plays a lovelorn guy who would do anything to win his love. But, the actor said that doesn’t mean he agrees with his character in the show. “In the show, I’m not myself. I’m playing my character Kunal. And the story is based on true events. It is writer Kunal Marathe’s true story. So, in order to play my character in its all honesty, I had to believe in everything the character is doing. It’s a life that’s been lived and I have to portray it onscreen. I totally believe in whatever Kunal is doing to win his love.”

Ritvik has been acting for nearly a decade, having played varied parts across genres. So, does his previous characters have an imprint over anything new he takes up? “I don’t take anything from my previous characters. I do learn from my mistakes or a scene I could do better or if I’ve learned a new skill that makes my acting better. Otherwise, it’s completely raw because every character is new,” he said.

Asserting that the digital space gives actors freedom to dig deeper into their characters, Ritvik added, “I’m inclined towards movies. But, OTT space help an actor explore a character to its truest extent because maximum you can push a movie is to three hours. A 10-episode long show helps us dive deeper into it. So, in terms of acting, web shows really help up our performance.”

Ritvik has worked with names like Aamir Khan, Sharman Joshi and Sakshi Tanwar. He shared what since he’s not been to a formal training of acting, much of the process he learned by sharing screen space with them. “Whatever I’ve learned about acting is through working with such great talents of our country – from being hardworking to punctual, determined. I’m a firm believer that hard work and humility can take you places. And I’ve observed that in my co-stars, who are among the top actors in the industry right now. No matter where you reach, keep that fire burning inside you and keep working hard.”

Ritvik also has Flames season 3 in his kitty.

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