Indonesian healthcare startup Prixa raises $3M led by MDI and TPTF – TechCrunch

Indonesian healthcare startup Prixa raises $3M led by MDI and TPTF – ClearTips

Indonesian healthcare startup Prix has raised $3 million led by MDI Ventures and the Trans-Pacific Technology Fund (TPTF), with participation from returning investors including Silom Hospitals Group.

This brings the total amount of Prixa to $4.5 million since its launch in 2019. Co-founder and CEO James Roering MD told ClearTips in an email that the new funding will enable Prixa to grow its platform and customer base. Prixa uses a B2B model, partnering with healthcare providers such as insurance providers and corporations. Through its B2B clients, it currently serves approximately 10 million patients.

Prixa currently works with four major insurers and has six additional insurers in its short-term pipeline. It also works with Indonesia’s largest third-party administrators, Röring said, allowing it to reach more policyholders.

Prixa’s platform includes a digital health assistant to answer patients’ queries, telemedicine consultation, pharmacy delivery and on-demand lab diagnostics. Use increased during the COVID-19 pandemic as more patients sought online consultations for primary care.

Other telehealth startups in Indonesia include Helodoc and Allodocter (which is backed by MDI). Both connect patients directly to healthcare and insurance providers. Roring said Prixa differentiates itself by focusing on greater cost control for healthcare providers and by positioning itself as a digital primary care platform.

“By symptomatically managing patients outside tertiary care facilities and online care for chronic non-communicable diseases, Prixa can effectively reduce the volume of outpatient claims and the downstream inpatient costs incurred by healthcare payers,” Roring said. capable of.” “Additionally, proven clinical guidelines, combined with a growing and robust medical database, contribute to cost efficiency and service optimization through standardization of treatment by our healthcare providers.”

In a press statement about the funding, Aditiya Henry Narendra, general manager of legal and corporate communications, MDI Ventures, said, “MDI co-led this financing as Prixa supports insurance companies and hospitals in making medical services more accessible. has demonstrated its ability. Affordable through its AI telemedicine platform. “

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