In Search of Tomorrow Trailer Dives Deep Into Beloved 80s Sci-fi Movies

In search of tomorrow, A long-running documentary about 80s sci-fi films from CreatureVC, by director Ivan Reitman (Ghost Busters I and II), producer Gail Anne Hurd (the Terminator, Creatures of the outer world), Actor Peter Weller (Robocop, Bakru Banzai), And more talent for in-interviews looking back at the film’s broader, beloved era in style. Produced by Robin Block and written / directed by David Wenner (In Search of Darkness Parts I & II), In search of tomorrow As an interview of 75+ celebrities, actors, and experts, it dives into all things science in the film.

Build on the success of in search of… Documentary series, In search of tomorrow The decade-long expansive film covers the history that defined the sc-Fi genre. In addition to Reitman, Herd and Weller, In search of tomorrow ’80s science fiction features an impressive range of interviews with on-screen actors and behind-the-scenes talents, to show the breadth of the genre, from year to year. More than 25 new names have been added to yesterday’s search for these, including Bruce Boxletner (Tron), Adrienne Barbeau (Escaped from new york, Marsh thing), Lisette Anthony (Kraal), Jessie Ventura (Cruel, Running man), Julie Brown (Earth girls are easy), gene Simmons (Go away), Navigator flight Director Randall Kleiser and star Joey Kramer, Mark Goldblatt (the Terminator, Robocop), John Dykstra (Star wars, Star trek), And Stewart Raffill (Philadelphia experiment, Ice pirates, Mac and me) Belongs to. Investigating sci-fi nostalgia through a scientific lens will be the work of NASA experts, astronomers, and futurists to bring the Earth’s style to the ground while celebrating future technology and fun imaginary elements.

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In search of tomorrow Coming together beautifully. The level of participating talent is a ‘who’s who’ of legendary sci-fi icons, from actors and filmmakers to visionaries and dreamers, and I’ve had the opportunity to sit with them; Despite the challenges of indie production in COVID-complex environments, we are fortunately able to safely continue our extended interviews. A celebration of fantasy in one of the film’s most creatively entertaining decades, we’re taking an expansive, four-plus-hour film journey worthy of the amazing content that originated from the sci-fi cinema of the 80s. I can’t wait for film lovers and true fans of the genre In search of tomorrow Writer / director David Wener.

In addition to new talent, In search of tomorrow Not only has it launched an Indiegogo campaign to expand the documentary’s current production efforts and help add more interviews, but passionate sci-fi fans need to pre-order the film and get involved with the documentary’s filmmaking process Allows to provide an opportunity for. To learn more about supporting In search of tomorrow, Go to

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