In Defense of Netflix’s Million Dollar Beach House

In Defense of Netflix’s Million Dollar Beach House

When searching for the perfect home, chances are that you will not fall in love with every property you show.

The same can be said for reality TV viewers looking for addictive real estate shows. in between Million dollar listing, Love and listing And Sunset sellingIt does not include anything on HGTV – there is plenty for home lovers to choose from.

And on August 26, Netflix premiered with another new project titled Million Dollar Beach House. The six-episode series Nest Seekers follows a group of real estate agents as they secure customers and sell homes in a city that is not often documented on reality TV. Yes, we are talking about the Hamptons.

“It’s the inside perspective that makes Hampton Real Estate so special and sought after,” cast member and Nest Seekers real estate agent JB Andreasi Exclusively shared with E! news. “I think it’s really authentic what the show offers, look at the lifestyle here, the houses that make this place so extraordinary and so special, and the first, second, of so many celebrities and so many sophisticated people Or why is the third house here. “

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