Impossible 7 Faces Backlash Over Plans to Blow Up a Real Historical Bridge

Impossible 7 Faces Backlash Over Plans to Blow Up a Real Historical Bridge

Each film in Impossible Goal The franchise has further expanded the already huge sets in the name of bigger and bigger and explosions and thrills, but it may be that the next installment, Mission: Impossible 7 Has taken things too far. According to the news, there has been some controversy in the making of the seventh film, which involves plans to blow up an actual bridge in Poland, which is teeming with residents with pushback.

As Mission: Impossible 7 The principal in London prepares to resume photography, with the film set for film in Poland next April, with plans for a special set piece to lay waste for an actual bridge that was originally built in 1909 Was built in the Polish village of Pilovice. While part of the bridge was to be blown up as part of an action sequence in the film, Deputy Culture Minister Pavel Lewandowski agreed to the explosive idea that the bridge was removed from public use in 2016 due to static use.

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“I will not be corrected on the fact that the Pilchoki Bridge is a monument. It stands in ruins and has no value. All old things are not monuments. The law clearly states that a monument is only that which contains social, Artistic or scientific. Value. In art and culture, that value comes out only when there is a connection between the cultural object and the people. Therefore, if an object is unused, unavailable, it has no value. Therefore, it is a The memorial is not there. And only a small part of it will be destroyed during filming. ”Lewandowski explained in a written statement to Virtualna Polska, a consortium of Polish businesses.

The decision led to local opposition, with the hope that the bridge could be preserved and preserved as a historical monument. However, Lewandowski expressed his belief that, after the stunt, the government’s revival fund and possible support Impossible Goal The production will be used to rebuild and rebuild the bridge.

Has often become a staple of death-taking action stunts Impossible Goal The franchise is noted for its dedication to pushing the self-destructing envelope with headline star Tom Cruise. Exactly what the difference in production is for the bridge remains to be seen, but there is no doubt that it will include Cruise, and possibly some of his co-stars, who are risking their lives for our entertainment. Until the locals get their way.

The last entry in the long-running action series, Mission: Impossible – Fallout, Was written, produced and directed by Christopher McQuarrie, and followed directly Mission Impossible Rogue Nation. The cast includes Tom Cruise, Wing Rams, Simon Pegg, Rebecca Ferguson, who we just saw training with a sniper rifle, Sean Harris, Michelle Monaghan, and Alec Baldwin, all of whom took their roles from previous films with Henry Cavill. Let’s repeat. , Vanessa Kirby, and Angela Bassett, who join the franchise.

Two untitled sequels, one of them is Mission: Impossible 7, Both to be released in 2021 and 2022 respectively, both films to be starred by McQuarrie. Mission: Impossible 7 And Mission: Impossible 8 Expected to be the final part of Ethan Hunt’s story, McQuarrie began it by teasing ties to the original film. Therefore, expect things to get bigger and bigger and louder and louder, until they finally explode and explode simultaneously. This comes from the first news for us.

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