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Light push was an imperative in smartphones. Sure, the startup raised heads with its expensive L16 camera, but mobile photography is almost exclusively the domain of handsets these days. Early last year, the answer came in the form of trypophobia-inducing Nokia 9 PureView.

In a category where manufacturers raced to add more cameras, PureView had the most with a five-hexagonal array. It was new, innovative and for most, it was overkill. However, at the very least, it gave Nokia / HMD some bragging rights and managed to set the handset in one of the hottest contest corners of the smartphone hardware race.

But Lite is getting out of the smartphone game. In the end, the competition can be very tight for just a small startup, especially as many manufacturers are working on their own native hardware and software solutions.

Light sent an email to Android Authority this week, stating that it is “no longer running in the smartphone industry.” This is surprising news, given that mobile partnerships are the most logical approach for the company, which in 2018 was investing $ 121 million in a Softbank-led round. The series brought in more than $ 181 million in funding to the De Palo Alto-based company.

Recently, it also tied up with Sony and Xiaomi. Such a move has no meaning in what those partnerships mean to move forward. Nor is it clear what life looks like for life after smartphones. We have reached out to the company for more information about its plans.

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