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Owen Wilson has provided another positive update Wedding Crashers 2, confirming that she is in recent talks with Vince Vaughn for a comedy sequel. In 2005, the first wedding Crashers, which was directed by David Dobkin, was a huge hit with the filmmakers at the time of its premiere. Some fans of the film have called for a sequel to happen over the years, but while Dobkin has teased one in the past, it never quite got off the ground.

new rumors have surfaced Wedding Crashers 2 Close to getting the official green light. This was not confirmed and it remains to be seen whether this time the film will actually happen, but reports suggested that it is closer than ever. To find out what’s up with the current state of the project, Collider spoke directly to Owen Wilson, who had this to say in response.

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“Yeah, there’s a script and David Dobkin – who directed the first one – is working on it, and we’re talking about it. Nice to talk to Vince, and it’s one of those movies. People who seem to connect really well. If we can come up with something that we think could be great, I’m sure we will do it.”

It’s a promising update, but it’s not quite a green light to start filming. When further asked whether production is on? Wedding Crashers 2 likely to be soon, Owen Wilson Turns out this summer was a possible deadline in which “anyone” involved was thrown out, though he’s not betting on that. In the end, it will come down to the cast and crew to completely agree that the script is perfect.

“Someone said August, and I don’t see that happening. I think before anything, it’s making sure everyone feels like we have a great story.”

Wilson’s comments echo sentiments previously expressed by Dobkin in a separate Collider interview. For his part, Dobkin is interested in doing a sequel because he looks forward to seeing “people in their late 40s who get lonely again and have to go back into the world.” Still, he notes that no one wants to do a full “retrade” of the original film, and it has taken years to come up with a new creative direction that provided its own material.

Judging by these new comments straight from Wilson, this project seems to be coming together nicely. This comes after a recent report that Wilson and Vaughan were already in talks to reprise their respective roles as John Beckwith and Jeremy Grey. According to a production list unearthed for the project, Dobkin is also returning to direct, using a screenplay by Evan Susser, Van Robichaux and Rob McKittrick. New Line dismissed the report as “inaccurate”, but Wilson made it clear that the film was very close to being made.

In any case, you can stream the original wedding Crashers On HBO Max if you want to rewatch the first movie. For more on Owen Wilson, he’ll make his debut in the MCU this week with the premiere bottle gourd on 9 June. This news has come to us from Collider.

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