If DC’s Plastic Man Movie Happens, Sonic Actor Ben Schwartz Wants to Take the Lead

The comic book movie industry has become a really crowded place. But even after running around on the big screen with dozens of superheroes, Hollywood has begun to scratch the surface of a whole series of comic book characters. Ben Live Shovet, better known as the voice of Sonic the Hedgehog from the 2020 live-action film, recently played the role of Patrick Edward “Eel” Obrian aka, one of the more obscure DC characters Confirmed his wish Plastic man.

“I really wanted to play Plastic Man. I had a pitch, I had an idea for that film. We didn’t stop writing it, but I would still like to play the role of Plastic Man. I like the idea that It’s a thief. Type character, and he gets superpowers and then he probably doesn’t want to use them for good because he was a thief, a thief to begin with, Eul O’Brien. So I really like him. Love. I saw the comedy in that and there is a cartoon. The series which was very comedy, so you can see where it plays. “

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Despite not being very well known to the general public, Plastic Man has actually appeared in comics since 1941. This means that the super-stretchable superhero is actually older than Reed Richards aka Mr. Fantastic, the most famous superhero.

The story of Plastic Man begins as Eel O’Brien, a small-time crook who has a run-in with a mysterious chemical that gives his body the ability to change his will. Armed with his newfound ability, Eel has a difficult time fixing between his criminal instincts, and his new-found desire to do well, as an intelligent anti-plastic man.

Schwartz’s physical resemblance to Plastic Man, coupled with his comic timing, made him a long-time favorite choice for the character. Unfortunately, that bit of casting is unlikely to be realized any time soon. Last year, it was revealed that Black list Writer Kat Vasco has been hired to work on a live-action project based on Plastic Man. The catch is, the project is called a female-led piece, meaning that the superhero may have a gender swap.

Still, while Plastic Man is out of reach at the moment, Ben schwartz One day Comic Book is staying positive about the possibility of being in a movie adaptation. The actor revealed at what point he wants to essay the character of another superhero / villain.

“There’s an unlimited number of people who would love to play me. There’s also a comic book series I loved when I was a kid called Slapstick, which is this little clown with a big old hammer. I’m a The villain would also like to play. The Riddler would be so fun to play or the Joker would play. It must have been crazy! But Riddler, it can be so fun. “

For now, Schwartz can once again see one of gaming’s original superheroes, Sonic, for a 2020 film in the sequel to the upcoming film. Written by Pat Casey and Josh Miller, Hedge hog 2 Is directed by Jeff Fowler. The film will hit theaters on 8 April 2022. This article comes from Nerdist.

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